You Have No Power To Suspend Ndume- PDP Blast NASS


Our attention has been drawn to a charade that played out today at the Nigerian Senate in which the leadership of the National Assembly out of hallucinative thinking claimed it has suspended Senator Mohammed Ali Ndume over a report that does not originate from him.

As the spiritual wing of the main opposition party in the country, we are aware that matters relating to the internal cohesion of the ruling party does not concern us, but because the arrant nonsense that took place today in the Red Chamber is partyless, we are compelled to make our position known as follows;

1. That Senator Ali Ndume like any other Senator is an elected Senator representing a Senatorial District in Nigeria.

2. That the report in which the Senate relied on to suspend Senator Ndume was not his brain-child, but a product of a news media.

3. That the Senate lacks the power to suspend any Senator because no Senatorial District is bigger than the other in Nigeria.

4. That the leadership of the Senate has started indulging in some unparliamentary practices smack of the third arm of the government in any nation.

Therefore, we ask the leadership of the Senate to reverse and recant the purported suspension with immediate effect.

We call on all democratic forces in the country to rise up and defend our legislative institution from the shackles and jaws of the current despotic occupants.

We call on President Muhammadu Buhari to declare a state of emergency on the National Assembly until sanity, transparency and accountability is returned.


Mr. Emmanuel Chukwu,
National Publicity Secretary,
PDP Prayer Network.

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