Legend Deploys Municipal Wi-Fi hotspot Network in Abuja 


A firm, Suburban Fiber Company Limited, popularly known as Legend has deployed a municipal Wi-Fi network in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) to join over 100 cities across the world.

Wi-Fi hotspots connected through a type of wired or wireless backhaul system using a cluster of Wireless Access Points (APs).

A statement signed Tuesday in Abuja by Legend Chief Marketing Officer Gabriel Gab-Umoden, said Abuja is now the 4th city to get this network in Africa, adding that Municipal Wi-Fi networks pose many advantages to the citizens

Among the advantages according to the statement is that wireless infrastructure can provide low-cost or free Internet access to those in need, and could aid in a program to make computers — and Internet access — available to disadvantaged families.

“Public services such as: CCTV security systems, access to emergency services and online city directories can ride on the back of a municipal Wi-Fi network, ensuring the security and safety of citizens.

“Wi-Fi hotspots are powered by fiber-optic cable connectivity, which means that these networks possess huge bandwidths that allow for heavy usage from multiple users without any compromise in speed. Users who like to download or stream, will find these Wi-Fi networks very conducive for such activities.

“Wi-Fi access can range from free to as low as N3,400 per month, for unlimited access, any time of the day. This represents significant value for money and relieves the citizens from huge monthly Internet Service Provider fees.

“With such a widespread network, citizens can now have ubiquitous access to a high quality, affordable network and can be more flexible in their subscription plans, not having to tie themselves down to bulky contracts / monthly service fees.”

Gab-Umoden also explained that Legend has developed a robust network of fiber optic backbone across the Abuja metropolis, saying “this dense fiber-optic network is being used to power a chain of Wi-Fi hotspots with super-fast internet, accessible by thousands of users at a time. These hotspots are called Legend Zones and they are the building blocks of Abuja’s first Municipal Wi-Fi network.

On where to get access, Gab-Umoden said there are currently 50 Legend zones located in strategic locations across the Abuja metropolis, with another 50 in deployment.

“The plan is to deploy 1,000 hotspots by June 2017, thereby creating a widespread and contiguous municipal Wi-Fi network in Abuja.

“Citizens can get access at any of these zones, either by purchasing an access voucher or signing up on the platform; both ways are very easy. Once the pass is received, the user can get access to super-fast internet across the full Wi-Fi hotspot chain, anywhere in Abuja.”



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