Fight Buhari Directly, Stop Blackmailing His Appointees- Group Warns NASS Members

House Moves To End Double Jeopardy In Nigeria

We have noted with dismay the calculated attempts by members of the
8th National Assembly to demonise persons working with Buhari and are
loyal to him.

It will be recalled that upon assumption of office, President Buhari
knowing how revenue generating agencies of the Federal Government
squander all the money generated in connivance with corrupt members of
the National Assembly through budgetary preparation, appropriation and
defences; issued an executive order mandating all revenue generating
agencies to lodge all funds generated in to the nation’s Single
Treasury Account TSA.

Since the implementation of TSA by the Buhari administration, things
began to get difficult for our lawmakers.

Instead of confronting Buhari to reverse the policy in a
legisla-thieves manner, our lawmakers opted to harassing and
intimidating President Buhari’s appointees. An act we consider

Having stayed for nearly two years without usual access to national
cake, our lawmakers recently got mad with the release of the 2019
general elections timetable by the Independent National Electoral
Commission (INEC).

Hence, as a way of raising quick money through blackmail and
demonisation of Buahari appointtees for their re-election fund in
2019, the Senate hurriedly inauguarted an Ad-Hoc Committee on Alleged
Misuse, Under Remittance and Other Fraudulent Activities in the
Collection, Accounting, Remittance and Expenditure of Internal Revenue
Generated by Revenue Generating Agencies.

The Committee among other things is to blackmail Ministers, DG’s and
other executive appointtees of the Federal Government.

For Instance, the Committee on March 24 blackmailed and invited the
Ministers of Justice, Interior, Accountant-General of the Federation,
Controller General of Immigration and four private companies to appear
before it on April 6 for clearification on some legitimate duties
carried out by them.

If the Senate is too sure of any scandal as they made Nigerians to
believe, why not invite them on March 28 which is a plenary day in the
Senate? Why prolong it to April 6 and create the impression that there
is a scandal when there is none because all funds goes in to TSA?

The truth our lawmakers are hidding from Nigerians is the fact that
President Buhari’s implementation of the Single Treasury Account which
the same Senate tried all it could to stop but could not have denied
them access to corrupt and illegal money for their re-election in
2019. So, they have resorted to cheap blackmail to force the head of
our MDA’s to give them money, but unlucky for them, all money is
remmitted in to the TSA Account and no one has access to them but
President Buhari.

Therefore, we are warning our lawmakers to stop blackmailing,
harassing and intimidating President Buhari’s appointees simply
because they are denied access to corrupt money.

Finally, we are asking the leadership of the National Assembly to make
its budget available to Nigerians within 14 days.

If nothing is done before the expiration of our ultimatum, we will
communicate our next action against them to Nigerians.


Mr. Brown Justice,
New Mandate Movement.

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