APC Jibes Junaid Muhammed for Calling for Buhari’s Impeachment

Junaid Muhammed

Press Release:

We read with utmost shock the report credited to Dr. Junaid Muhammed
asking Nigerians to rise up against the National Assembly if it fails
to impeach President Muhammadu Buhari on grounds of his temporal
health challenge.

We tallied a while, thinking and hoping that the Second Republic House
Member would recant the statement credited to him by Vanguard
Newspaper, alleging that President Buhari has been incapacitated and
can no longer discharge his duties as President of Nigeria

Since, he has refused to do otherwise, we have no reason to doubt the
authenticity of the report!

Therefore, we have decided to respond to his jaundiced and myopic
understanding of the Nigerian law and legislative framework before his
baloney gains obfuscating grounds.

As Chief purveyor of rumour, Dr. Junaid Muhammed has become synonymous
with Balonga lies especially with his imaginary conspiracy theory or
cabal hypothesis.

If there is anybody Nigerians should rise up against, it should be Dr.
Muhammed who is being financed by corrupt politicians to discredit our
legitimate government to pave the way for his financier to ruin the

Hence, we are using this medium to warn Dr. Junaid Muhammed that if he
dare our President again or distract those working with him to
reposition our country for greatness, we will expose his sponsors and
those who are spreading unfounded rumours about the President’s health


Mr Collins Edwin,
National Secretary,
APC Youths Renaissance.

Contact us through ekesy2k9@googlemail.com



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