Kwankwaso Begs Shekarau

The Story Of Senator Kwankwaso And The 37 Nursing Students In Egypt

Senator Rabiu-Musa-Kwankwaso
Senator Rabiu-Musa-Kwankwaso

As the political dynamics of the national ruling party, the All Progressive Congress [APC] begin to exhibit more glaring signs of weakening at the center, the political gladiators within the party have in effect begun realigning their political interests against the 2019 round of national elections. Information available to point to the former governor of Kano State, Rabiu Kwankwaso as one of the political gladiators in desperate search for a footing within the APC. Sources say he harbors 2019 presidential ambitions under the banner of the opposition party, the Peoples Democratic Party [PDP] and not under the banner of the his current party, the APC.

Kwankwaso according a reliable source has gone to the former governor of Kano State, Ibrahim Shekarau to beg him for forgiveness and to join him politically to battle the present Governor of Kano State – and the President of the federation, General Buhari.

Senator Rabiu Kwankwaso had governed Kano State under the political banner of PDP after the then Governor Ibrahim Shekarau governed Kano State for eight straight years under the political banner of the All Nigerian Peoples Party [ANPP]. The arrival of Kwankwaso to the governor’s seat saw an immediate fireworks with Ibrahim Shekarau over what amounted to personal differences. Available information indicates that Kwankwaso targeted the former governor’s perceived overwhelming popularity. Kwankwaso was not comfortable with Shekarau’s popularity in Kano State. The two turned political enemies.

But as the mechanization for the 2015 presidential elections, Kwankwaso found himself a member of the newly formed APC – which comprised of a merger of ANPP, Action Congress of Nigeria [ACN] and Congress for Progressive Change [CPC]. And Shekarau found himself a member of the PDP. Shekarau was appointed the Minister of Education by the then President Jonathan. Kwankwaso ensured that Shekarau’s political influence in Kano was extinguished.

Kwankwaso was atop a high horse as the presidential campaign for 2015 began to unfold. He was among the aspirants for the presidential ticket of the APC. He failed. But immediately switched to the senatorial race, which he won.

But the political tides have since changed for Kwankwaso. His hand picked choice to take after him at the governor’s seat in Kano, Ganduje is reported to have fallen out with him immediately following his swearing in into the office. Kwankwaso immediately became a political leper in Kano. And at the national party level, his stocks were fast diminishing. He was quickly made redundant by the party officials who were loyal to the President – and who saw Kwankwaso as not loyal to the President. It did not take long for the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission [EFCC] to place him under house arrest over alleged financial crimes.

To find his footing, Kwankwaso turned to his old party, the PDP for help. He became an undeclared member of the PDP in Kano. He began attending and presiding over PDP meetings in Kano. But his troubles with the seating Governor remains his albatross to regaining his political footing. To this end, Kwankwaso swallowed his pride and began sending re-conciliatory signals to Shekarau.

The aim of his approach to Shekarau is to find a partner to fight the Governor of Kano State. He is determined to destabilized the political structure of the APC governor but he knows he cannot go at it alone. Shekarua, he believes, would make a great partner to face the Governor. Our source reveals that Kwankwaso has gone to beg Shekarua but it is not certain whether Shekarau agreed to partner with him.



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