How Mazi Odera Was Walked Out Of A Eatery By Reporters In Awka 

Mazi Odera


By Polycarp Ubaka, Onitsha

The legendary stooge of the former governor of Anambra state, Peter Obi who has refused to step off the stage for the seating governor to govern without the current distraction have upped the ante for the services he offers his paymaster. Mazi Odera or APGA Ala Igbo or Stan Chira as he chooses to refer to himself depending on the reading audience he is trying to deceive, has completely lost face and credibility to the point that he was recently embarrassed in Awka by journalists who he had tried to pay to publish negative stories against the governor of Anambra, Willie Obiano.

Mazi Odera walked into one of the popular eatery in Awka where the local reporters and correspondents hangout to unwind after filing their respective stories. He wanted to get some of the reporters to file a report stating that the governor collected exorbitant amount as security votes and that the governor had a hand in the death of Six children at Ekwulunmili. The Reporters were not readily interacting with him when he began throwing a tantrum on why the Reporters no longer publish their reports and/or propaganda as they use to do while Peter Obi was in power.  He told them that he sent reports on the supposed collapsing flyovers in Awka, the supposed security votes, the beauty pageant sexgate and other stories. He complained that they refused to act on the reports as usual.

But the journalist were not happy to hear of what the Peter Obi stooge was saying. One of the journalist fired back at the Peter Obi stooge – asking him why he has decided not to verify his write ups before forwarding it to them. They told him to stop forwarding rubbish to them before most of his write ups have turned out to be fabricated lies against the Governor. “We nearly got in bad trouble with our editor”.

One of the more senior reporter who had been silent throughout the exchange rose up and simply asked the Peter Obi stooge to leave them – that his presence is no longer welcomed. Shamed and confused, Mazi Odera walked out dejected.

The reporter’s reaction to Mazi Odera isn’t out of the ordinary or was it out of hatred for Odera or love for the seating Governor – rather it was due to the increased level of disregard for facts and truths in Odera’s fabrications. Every morning he regenerates fabricated write ups charging that the Anambra State government ignored the tragic death of the six Ekwulumili children – even though the same Odera had been shamed repeatedly by top journalists in Awka who were present at the burial of the six children. The journalists have pointed out Odera’s lies to him privately and publicly. The same goes for his repeated fabrications on Obiano’s security votes, and other claims.

But the larger question to ask in why Odera appears epileptic in his insistence to spew rubbish on a daily basis. And the answer is simple. He is paid to do so. He has already collected money from Peter Obi through Valentine Obieyem to attack the Governor still Election Day. So he has no choice but to continue writing.



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