Miss Anambra Sex Scandal: Weep For The State Not Chidimma-CLO

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For some days now, the entire cyberspace and other gadgets have been awash with the lurid videos of lesbian act with Miss Chidimma Okeke , the hurriedly dethroned Miss Anambra 2015.
The sex act recorded with professional camera and experienced hands editing is not only disgusting to watch but simply portrays the level of moral depravity prevalent in the society today.
The video and act not only debases the pride of womanhood and the worth of the girl- child but is a pointer that the many have descended to the level of not being better than animals in their instincts.
Several voices have spoken condemning Miss Chidimma, calling for her head and so much other views while majority have also failed to realize the age long saying that “there is no smoke without fire”.
That the average prostitute is still hustling in the streets every night is a pointer that there are still willing patrons who drop money to sleep with her.
Chidimma and her co-partners actions are highly condemnable while we know that lesbianism or same sex act/ marriage is prohibited and criminalized in our laws but we need to go beyond the actual act and find out those behind the scene and their roles in the sordid act. Who recorded the video? Who leaked it online? What was the motive for recording such? Who commissioned the act? Was it really a precondition before announcing Chidimma as the pageant winner?  Who are the people behind the scene directing the act with one even helping in parting legs? So many unanswered questions!
The pageant organizers and management of Anambra Broadcasting Service need to tell the whole world what they know in the whole saga and why they hurriedly withdrew the crown and car from Chidimma few hours before the sex video went viral.
Chidimma has alleged threat to her life and had to chicken out of an earlier scheduled press briefing where she would have revealed what we don’t know.
We call for adequate security for her presently while she should be monitored closely so that she won’t take any rash action that may injure her life. She needs psychological and spiritual rehabilitation as well as deliverance/exorcism presently. It is also very important she is guided to say all she knows about the ugly incident.
The actual act is a dent on the image of the state while the silence of the state actors since the video went viral is not only an indictment but suggest an act of complicity and  a ploy to shield some individuals.
Anambra is the light of the nation and should be a pace setter in all facets of excellence. Unfortunately, those who should show the way are sometimes caught in the web of Epicureanism and other indulgences which are in contrast with the state shared values.
The Miss Anambra sex scandal has brought to the fore certain musings in the public domain that some ladies are used as sex toys  for top government functionaries,  some aides and proponents of second term groups in Anambra. The musing also indicted two hotels in Awka capital where such bizarre acts go on unhindered. Urgent investigation is needed here.
The government must come clean in this matter by not only making a categorical statement on the incident but should set up an independent panel of enquiry to unravel all the behind-the-scene- information the world awaits to know.
All the actors connected in the whole saga should be revealed and made to face appropriate sanctions.  Public officers holders should realize that their action and inactions counts in the public domain while image remains pivotal at all times.
Comrade Aloysius Attah,
Chairman, Civil Liberties Organisation (CLO)
South East Zone


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