Kyari Resumes Work, Buhari Probes Allegations Against CoS, SGF, Others

The then President-Elect Buhari trip to London ...with Mamman Daura

Abba Kyari, Chief of Staff
Abba Kyari, Chief of Staff

The noise around the recent absence of the chief of staff from the office of chief of staff may have created more panic in  the polity for reasons that will remain unanswered. Information available to indicate that the recent publication of the suspension of the chief of staff was false and may have been based on misrepresented information. According to the information received from a highly placed source revealed that the chief of staff was indeed out of the country briefly for a medical trip to London. “He was ill”.

However, new information available to our correspondent indicates that Abba Kyari may not be out of the woods. Our source points to a new probe launched by the President on the persons of the chief of staff and the secretary to the government of the federation as the new albatross that may eventually result to the removal of the two administrators.

First on the list of probes was the allegation against the chief of staff of having collected N500m from the executives of the South African communication giant, MTN in exchange for a soft landing for breaking Nigerian communication laws. Investigative news reports had reported that Abba Kyari had collected N500million – and had told the President that he collected the money for the All Progressive Congress [APC], and not for personal use.

Interestingly, the preliminary finding of the probe – which gathered was being carried out by an old trusted friend and confidant – indicate that the N500million was indeed collected through Abba Kyari for another personality within the presidency. Our source pointed to the President’s nephew, Maman Daura as the receptor of the N500million bribe and not Abba Kyari. The information also revealed that Maman Daura told President Buhari that the money was collected for the APC against an anticipated 2019 presidential run.

Babachir Lawal - Secretary to government of the federation
Babachir Lawal – Secretary to government of the federation

The source continued to reveal that the President’s nephew had begun a silent fundraising drive for an anticipated Buhari’s presidential campaign for 2019. “Maman Daura had long begun his quest to return his Uncle to the presidential seat in 2019“, said our source who adds that the President may or may not be aware of the move by his nephew. What is certain is that the duo of the chief of staff and the secretary to the government of the federation remain loyal to the President’s nephew than the President. And that, the President’s has been using the two administrators mainly for his personal interests rather than the President’s interests.

Another allegation leveled against the SGF concerns a N250million contract for the clearing of a field area reversed for Internally Displaced Persons [IDP] in Gombe. A petition authored by a group of concerned citizens pointed to the SGF as having cornered the contract for the clearing to his personal company. The proceeds from the contract, according to the source, were subsequently forwarded to the President’s nephew.

The same manner the two administrators tally monies to the President’s nephew is the manner the two administrators collect monies from would-be appointees to the President. The many appointments which the President had made in recent times were the products of what the appointees made to the two administrators. Our source explains that the delay in the appointment of other vacant position is due to the deliberate actions of the two administrators to wait for the highest bidder to fill the position. And Maman Daura is reportedly the one orchestrating the entire program of pay to play.

It is against the unfolding cloud of corruption hanging over the Buhari administration that the President charged for a probe to be launched against the office of the chief of staff and the secretary to the government of the federation and other civil servants who may have enabled the corrupt activities. Our source states that the two administrators may not survive the probe. He even revealed that the Minister of Education, Adamu Adamu, maybe tapped to replace one of the two – while Ogbonnaya Onu may be asked to replace the other.

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