Ask Your Children In South Africa What They Do Before Taking Their Money – Envoy


Nigeria’s ambassador to South Africa, Mrs Uche Ajulu- Okeke has charged Nigerian parents to monitor closely their children who live in South Africa, as most of them are into nefarious activities, capable of bringing ignominy to their names.
The Ambassador who was at the Holy Ghost Adoration Ministry, Uke, Anambra State for the weekly adoration service said most Nigerian youths and especially Igbos who live in South Africa have joined hi-tech criminal gangs, and tarnished the image of Nigerians in the country.
She said because of this trend, an average South African sees Nigerians as fraudulent persons, whereas, this is not true.
She called on parents who have children in South Africa to monitor them closely and also ensure that they know what and what they are involved in.
“When they come back home and start buying properties everywhere, ask them what they do in South Africa. Do not be in a hurry to take money from them,” She admonished.
She lamented that most youths from Nigeria who reside in South Africa have become notorious for marrying South African ladies, and discarding them for another one in very short space of time. She condemned such attitude, and called for total trust in God.
“I leave all my trust to God. I am a firm believer in our Mother Mary, and She has never disappointed me. I come to the Holy Ghost Adoration Ministry often when am in the country, and I pour out my supplications here and Mother Mary has never disappointed me.
“We urge all of you to remember us in prayer, remember your brothers who are in South Africa. Always pray for them. So many of them are in South African Prisons, and this is because of the people they associate with, and what they do.” The Ambassador who spoke in Igbo Language concluded.



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