NYSC Ban On Hijab Stays



Director General of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), Johnson

Olawumi on Wednesday remained firm on his stand to ban use of long

hijab by Muslim Corps members.

Olawumi said the decision became imperative for safety of all corps

members in the country irrespective of tribes or religion.

He reacted to a peaceful protest organized by a Muslim group, Muslim

Youths in Da’wah at the NYSC headquarters in Abuja.

The protest was to convey their discomfort over recent ban on the use

of hijab by Muslim corps members.

National Coordinator of the group, Luqman Hassan alongside his Deputy,

Kamarudeen Adefila informed Olawumi that a major protest was prevented

because of the ban in most NYSC orientation camps in the country.

According to him, use of the hijab is an infringement of fundamental

human right of the female corps members.

The group said, “We are here to discuss with you about the incident

that happened recently in various camps across the country. We have a

guiding principle which is based on the Holy Q’uran. We are all

Nigerians and the principle which guides us is the constitution and

the African Charter on Human rights.

“Members of the NYSC are Nigerians who have contributed to the

development of this country; female corps members deserve protection

by the NYSC. We don’t believe that a female corps member putting on

hijab has done any wrong against the Act establishing the NYSC. So

they deserve the respect of the NYSC. We have travelled far and wide

and visited different camps. Why are the rights of female corps

members being infringed upon. We are here to register our displeasure.

“Many Muslim organisations wanted to protest, but we said wait a

while. In fact, we have to intervene to avoid the situation and if

Muslims march on the streets, it will attract a lot of negative

comments, but people won’t know why we are protesting”

But the NYSC DG insisted that some young Muslim ladies have been used

as medium to execute terrorist attacks especially in current Boko

Haram insurgency.

“Under my leadership, the NYSC will accord respect to every corps

member, irrespective of tribe and religion. The incident in Benue

State was caused by the use of long hijab. The security situation in

the country is tough. There is the danger of somebody using hijab for

other reasons.

“There have been cases where young girls put on hijab and eventually

turn to suicide bombers. Boko Haram members know how to get at whoever

they want as target. That is why we frown at the wearing of long

hijab. Please call on all your Muslim youths to be patient and adhere

to it, just for a short period during the camp. We frown at long hijab

because of the security implication.

“Why are you so particular on your alleged infraction on the rights of

youths without mentioning any one of such on Christian youths? Produce

your evidence, write to us and I can assure you that we will act fast.

When the incident in Benue State was reported to us, I swung into

action and ensured that the camp commandant was decamped immediately.

We are not magicians; if you have any evidence, write to us and we

will not hesitate to act,” he stated.



  1. Thanks man. Moslems are the root of violence worldwide. If the world want peace they should lock out moslems. The people are evil


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