Biafra-Agitation: Ban On Street Protests: PDP Gives Kudos To Governor Wike For Pro-active Measures



Press Statement

The chairman of Rivers State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Bro Felix Obuah has described as commendable and timely Governor Nyesom Wike’s ban on street protests in Port Harcourt by all manner of groups under the cover of freedom of expression and speech etc.

The State PDP boss who gave the commendation through a statement by his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Jerry Needam said such order became imperative in view of the possible consequences of such recurring protests without any response by the All Progressives Congress, APC-led federal government.

Bro Obuah insists that the Pro-active measure by Governor Wike was necessitated by the urge to safeguard lives and property, forestall bloodshed in the face of glaring danger posed by the pro-Biafra agitation and not necessarily intended to oppose any body’s right to self assertion or expression.

He further described Gov Wike as a true and patriotic Nigerian that has contributed meaningfully to not only the peaceful co-existence of all Nigerians in the State but also promoted through his actions one united indivisible Nigeria.

To Nyesom Wike, according to Bro Obuah, any place in Nigeria one lives, earns a living and pays his taxes among other civic responsibilities, is his home notwithstanding his ethnicity and should enjoy all the rights and privileges to lead a worthwhile life but in an atmosphere of peace and order.

“The call therefore by the APC for which they tended to blame Gov Wike, demanding that all protesters should be confined to their territorial boundaries is to say the least, discriminatory, divisive and insulting and, not acceptable to a broad hearted and accommodating Gov. Wike.

Gov Wike’s ban on the street protests is therefore the best approach to the issue, since the onus lies on the APC-led federal government to lead and chart a path for all to follow without rancor and bitterness as one united people of Nigeria”, the State PDP chairman declared.


Jerry Needam, JP

Special Adviser on Media and Publicity

To the Rivers PDP Chairman, Bro Felix Obuah



  1. But one indivisible one Nigeria is a hoax. Nigeria came into being by a stroke of the pen of one Lord Lugard from a far away country. Before Lugard and his Nigeria, the kingdoms on present Biafra existed and did business with one another.
    Above all, the Lugard amalgamation of north and south of Nigeria stipulated that after 100 years, if the amalgameted north and south entities refused to work, the amalgamation can be voided. Nigeria has failed to work for the people it was meant for. Therefore, Biafra must be left to move on, away from Nigeria.


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