Ndi Anambra, I really have to apologise for the disturbance that I am giving, it is because of the hand of Esau that the PDP, Labour Party and other opposition elements are trying to introduce into our system. They are trying hard to sow very dangerous political seeds that can potentially damage the wheel of our collective progress.

It is very important to me that we raise the issues so that we all can ponder on them with the eyes and minds of elders as to protect the working government of our own Governor Willie Obiano.

The PDP and the Labour Party agents have been very busy throwing political tantrums due to their desperation to pull the house down at all cost. They are so fixated with this vaulting ambition, they do not give a damn if they sink all of us, ambition to disorganise a working government and take over our State by fire by force.

Governor Obiano is the first Governor in the history of this State that started his administration on a high altitude, Security summit, we were watching, not sure what he meant. Within few days after the summit, the highest security organ tagged “OPERATION KPOCHAPU” was born. This Security team immediately took control and thank God today we all know the result. I overheard someone at Onitsha sometime make a comment that they thought they were  in for Obiano, they never knew that it is OBIAKPO. This for me was it, a clear testimony and confirmation that Willie Obiano means to work. A confirmation that Akpokuo knows exactly what needs to be done to emancipate us all from the clutches of the criminals that were holding down our destiny. Before then, we were left with the mental impression that surmounting the demands of security for Ndi Anambra was almost impossible due to the never-seen recklessness of the criminals in their display of bravado. The criminals were confidently daring, to confront them head-on needed a real man, a man with better bravado, a man with a “Lion heart” The so called opposition could not even say much, they equally had keyed into the same impossibility mindset. Akpokuodike Igbo, the man with a clear vision of the needs of Ndi Anambra, Ndigbo. A man that was certain that nothing will be achieved if he did not confront the criminals head-on, as to lay a secure and solid foundation, today we are happy, could any of us have believed that it was possible to tackle security the way that Willie did, it was this act of bravery that gave birth to the slogan “Willie is Working”

Akpokuo sanitised our investment desk by creating a professional agency with the responsibility of handling all investments coming into our State. He sourced and engaged proven professionals in this agency, today, investors are trooping in with multimillion dollar projects having the confidence that they will recoup their investment. In other wards Governor Obiano brought confidence into our local economy.

I remember few years back when motorcades of traders from Kogi and Benue States  used to drive in convoy going to Onitsha to buy goods, at a point, these traders stopped coming due to the incessant attacks by armed robbers. They later started carrying armed officers for their safety but yet, that did not deter the criminals. Suddenly, they stopped coming entirely after losing not just their goods and money but lives too. Today, these traders are back and without any security escorts. Our markets are once more bubbling with activities, patronage is back from local and foreign traders patronising them better than before. Did I hear anyone say that Willie is not working?

Akpokuo, our Governor looked at our so called Capital City, as a visionary and committed Leader that he is, he knew without being told that image is everything, he recognised that people judge you from the way you present yourself, as a State, he was disturbed greatly. He went to work again setting up another agency with the responsibility of giving Anambra a befitting Capital City. Today, we have three flyovers springing up on our express road simultaneously. The PDP, Labour Party and other disgruntled elements want us to believe that Governor Obiano does not care.

A certain disgruntled former Commissioner and Special Adviser wrote and called our Governor “an ingrate” because Akpokuo did not allow the Commissioners that worked with the previous APGA government in the State to remain for another two years. For a man that thinks right, will it be ok to retain the same people that have been part of the previous APGA government for two years in the life of a new management? What sense would such retention have made for Ndi Anambra? What values would they have brought to the new government that the Permanent Secretaries, Directors and other civil servants do not have? Whose purpose would such arrangement have served, are they the only qualified persons in Anambra?

Akpokuodike looked at the sufferings of the civil servants and the trouble they go through every week to get to work, he commissioned three buses, one for each zone to convey Civil servants to work on daily bases. Akpokuo did not stop there, he commissioned the red buses that ply our roads for Ndi Anambra on a subsidised fare.

The opposition told us that Obi and Umeh were imposing a stooge on Anambra people, someone to do their bidding, someone to protect their interest in their dodgy deals, Akpokuo that Anambra knows today has proven that he is not that type.

Ndi Anambra, I want to remind all of us that Willie Obiano was not chosen because he is a relative of either Governor Peter Obi or Chief Sir. Victor Umeh, he was not chosen because he was their best friend, he was not chosen because he was the most academically qualified from the North zone, he was chosen because he has a proven CONSISTENT track record of character. He was chosen because he has distinguished himself without any blemish in his professional carrier. His records as a professional and as a person speak for him. I am sure you all will agree with me that if he had any question mark on his person, former Governor Peter Obi would not have given him a thought. The PDP and their junior disgruntled partners, the Labour party want us to believe that our Governor is not a good man.

At this time in the life of our Governor that celebrated his sixtieth birthday not too long ago, my opinion is that he is a fulfilled man, having observed him from a distance and now at a closer range, I am of the opinion that he has nothing more to prove to anyone. I think that he is happy with himself all round, he does not have any more ambition of being more than he is, he has made money and he has a good life. Because of his level of fulfilment, he has gone past desperate line, he can only work to leave behind legacies, legacies that will outlive him and leave his name in the positive side of history.

Anambra State needs a viable opposition to keep the government in check. We need an opposition that is constructive and objective while criticising the government. For an opposition to be taking seriously, when they criticise objectively, they should be able to offer better options to the problems, not this kind of bullish, crude and intimidating approach. Being African does not make us all stupid, most of us are widely travelled and very exposed, everything has a rule.

PDP and their cohorts have been trying hard to paint our Governor black, they paint a picture of a man that does not know how to do anything except drink Champaign, yet every day we see him on the  television and hear him on the radio unveiling one project or the other for the benefit of Ndi Anambra.

For the people that know Akpokuo well for ages, they all will confirm that he is a jolly good fellow that is happy to have his friends around him at all times. He is a man that loves to give and make others happy. Being a typical “Omambala” man, he loves to enjoy himself, these dead, frustrated, disgruntled and wicked individuals that do not have any other preoccupation except to find fault in good want to use the benevolence of Akpokuo against him.

The people that know Akpokuo know that he loves fine wine and he has been having that for years, so he did not start because he became our Governor, he has been having fine Champaign with his money, it never affected his professional carrier, never affected his personal integrity. Akpokuo has never rescheduled or cancelled his duties to Ndi Anambra because of Champaign. He has never presented himself in any way or manner in public to suggest that he was tipsy. If Akpokuo starts taking pure water or Ngeneocha stream water, will the insatiable rascals feel better? Defamers and blackmailers, they do not want to see anything good in a good man, the actions of these prodigal sons are typical pull-him-down at all cost attitude, the type that had been in the past associated with the PDP, we cannot continue like this, we MUST get up and act in unison to save our individual and collective destinies from being hijacked by the wicked cabals once again, we have not yet forgotten our last experience with them, we must not wait till this water gets to our mouth level before we act.

Ndi Anambra, we all are abreast with the present day position of the Igbo man in the collective polity of Nigeria, the marginalisation of the Igbos as it is today. These hired jobbers that we know so well, they will stop at nothing to put something in their pocket even if it necessitates selling their families, they want to diminish the person of our Governor, unmistakably the strongest and most focussed in the South East. These contractors want to undermine our collective destiny by rubbishing the position of the only courageous Igbo man in active politics today.

Ndi Anambra, our people say that the elders cannot sit in docility and watch the goat give birth in an unusual circumstance.

It will amount to abomination if we fail to speak now in condemnation of these acts of wickedness by the unruly and disorganised PDP. Is this how they intend to govern us, with lies, falsehood, bullying and intimidation?

We must rise now, not necessarily for the interest of Governor Obiano but for our own interest, what we have taken a decade to rebuild after their destruction, they have come back to destroy once again.

Our unequivocal support to Governor Obiano will do all of us a lot of good, it will send the right signal to the nation that Ndi Anambra are what they are, the resilient and determined species, we work hard but we never lose our values.

I am tired of talking, please permit me to rest.

Thank you Ndi Anambra.

Hon. Chinedu Nkwonta

State Publicity Secretary, APGA