Okorocha’s Daily Conundrums – By Joseph Chimezie




Anyone that is following the politics of Imo state would agree with me that the coming of the peoples governor for a fact upped the democratic stake in Imo state and also increased the political consciousness of our people.

lmolites have become the least gullible beings in our polity, hence the reason why discerning Imolites would always call the peoples governor’s attention whenever he goes contrary to their demands. You all would agree with me that no past government in Imo state had recorded more peaceful demonstrations by it’s citizen more than the present government, this became possible because the present Imo state government in it’s magnanimity is always ready to give everyone a listening ear, unlike what was obtained in the past, where such demonstrators were beaten and fired tear gas.

Notwithstanding, no state can survive without opposition but the opposition and their likes who would have been check-mating and providing credible alternative here, have all found delectation in pulling down the governor.

This is exactly what’s playing out in Imo state and even before the economic crunch that has befallen our state, there’s hardly a day that would pass by that the peoples governor is not faced with confusing and difficult problems, not necessarily from the good people of Imo state but from a fraction of a few indecorous critics, who have without compunction taken it as a duty to take on every actions of the governor. A glance at the dailies here in Imo state will convince you.

I live here and I listen to the piles of scorns that the infallible critics of the governor pour out on him on daily basis. Even in the face of commendable achievements, some have remained permanently blind and would script the unimaginable week in week out to suit the whims and caprices of their readers. Their job description is to give myopic interpretations to every action and words of the peoples governor and would expect us to believe such gibberish whole and entire.

Their daily prayers is for the peoples governor to commit a terrible blunder in etiquette so they will use it to pillory him, hence, the reason why when others were happy with the peoples governor’s symbolic handshake with Obama at White House in Washington DC, the abusers of the governor were more comfortable with an alleged publication of the governor’s picture online taking a nap at an on going conference in US.

What exactly does these critics, who I have tried to resist any attempt to associate them with grossly debased terms want? Are they really passing a message to the governor or ridiculing him? And what have they really achieved so far? The ulterior motive of the abusers of the governor has not really worked here, it should be condemned in it’s entirety.

Our governor is a fallible being and has never assumed the role of a perfectionist, why elevate him to such status? He may not be adored by all, especially those who are increasingly of the opinion that he runs the state as his personal estate and to the myopic few who have been accusing the governor of squandering our collective patrimony but majority Imolites that voted and ensured his re-election have never ceased to defend and support the peoples governor every where they go.

I understand there are some challenges here but discrediting our governor on print and social media will not solve any of the challenges. I am yet to understand why we have turned our worst enemies, you can’t see northerners or westerners castigating their leaders publicly the way we do here.

Our governor is a fallible being and has never assumed the role of a perfectionist, why elevate him to such status?

Of a truth, the reason why it seems the peoples governor has developed thick skin to such unguarded criticisms is because the answers to his daily conundrums does not just end on the lips and pens of his media aides but on the achievements of the peoples governor which has not only surpassed that of his predecessors but has remained a reference point across the federation.

Joseph Chimezie, writes from Owerri, Imo state.




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