Re: The Emerging Diezani in Buhari’s Cabinet – By Musa Azare

Mrs Hadiza Bala Usman
Mrs Hadiza Bala Usman
Mrs Hadiza Bala Usman

On the 15th of May,  2015, published an article  with the title above, authored by one Ralph  Ugbelu. The  article was an analogy  between petroleum minister Mrs Diezani  Alison-Madueke and  Mrs Hadiza Bala Usman, a foremost activist, intellectual and respected politician. The two characters  are  worlds apart. The  article was clearly  sponsored with the  intention to vilify and mudsling the reputation of one of  21st century most  illustrious Nigerian  women.

Diezani Alison-Madueke was once described by former president Olusegun Obasanjo as one of five de-facto presidents of Nigeria. A very powerful  cabinet member of  President Goodluck  Jonathan, she is seen  by many as one of the most corrupt elements  of the president’s  administration.

She  may not be a  household name  in  Nigeria. Her name  might not ring a bell as loud as that of  Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti, Grace Williams  or  Dora NkemAkunyili. Yet, Mrs Hadiza Bala  Usman is one of the  most outstanding  women produced in  Nigeria. A scion of the erudite scholar and unrivalled historian Dr. Yusuf Bala Usman of blessed memory, she  no doubt  drank from the fountain of her  imperishable father.

The  name, Yusuf  Bala  Usman resonates with  a vibrating sound  whenever it is uttered  in both the academic  and political spheres  of this country. He was  a mentor whose  scholarly works during  his lifetime are still  living after his demise.  Some of his great  works are; ”For the  Liberation of Nigeria”,  ”Beyond Fairy Tales”,  ”Manipulation of  Religion in Nigeria”,  ”Misrepresentation of Nigeria”, to name but a  few. He produced and  mentored a group of  intellectuals in the  academia, political  activism, trade  unionism and the  media, known as BBU s, (Bala Brought Ups).  He shares in the  posthumous credit of  the democracy we are  enjoying today.

A fearless amazon, Mrs  Hadiza Bala is clearly  an aberration of the  sad experience that the  offspring of great  intellectual men and  women hardly inherit their parents. She is  indeed her father’s  daughter!

It was obviously her  indefatigable energy that shoots her to  limelight and prominence. Without  mincing words, her  resilient spirit, mental  and creative energy and ability to get things  done that endeared her  to the leadership of the APC, her political party.  It was her involvement  with the BBOG (Bring  Back Our Girls)  campaign and other  patriotic campaigns  behind the scenes that practically set her apart culminating into  her winning the CNN’s  Most Inspiring Women  Award of 2014.

In an era of anything goes politics, it is no easy task for a woman to distinguish herself to the point of earning the trust Nigeria’s most prominent and respected politicians  and leaders. She had  not only set herself  apart through tireless  commitment, but had  also carved a niche for  herself by virtue of her excellence in getting  sensitive works  executed with the  highest level of efficiency. It is therefore not  surprising that any  chief executive looking  for efficiency for  sensitive work would  inevitably refer to her.

The assertion that a  Diezani will be reborn   into the incoming  administration of  president-elect  Muhammadu Buhari is  a direct attack on the  integrity and moral  standing of the man  himself. First, Buhari is  not Jonathan, while the  latter has been  considered as clueless  the former is seen as a  firm believer in the rule of law and due process, and, Mrs  Hadiza Bala Usman is  a proud protégé of the ideology that is today  known as Buharism. Under no circumstances can a cabinet member in the  incoming Buhari  administration wield  such unchecked power  as Diezani’s under  Jonathan’s  administration. The  Buharism in her will not  just allow for that to  happen.

Therefore, Mr. Ugbelu and his sponsors who are clearly out to cast  aspersions on the  integrity and moral  character of Buhari  have failed. They should device another  infamous strategy but  not this one because it  is clearly disingenuous  for them to draw a  plausible comparison  between Mrs Diezani  Alison-Madueke and Mrs Hadiza Bala Usman.

Musa Azare, wrote in from Abuja



  1. Musa Azare
    Please continue to give credible response to such attacks. Often, these cowards attack people without anyone responding. I am glad you did and I implore you not to spare them anymore or else they will try to ridicule the incoming government so as to justify the clueless construction ( I will not call it government) imposed on Nigeria in the past six years.

  2. Good to see a rejoinder, even though I would have loved to read more examples. I hope Mr. Ralph gets to read this.

  3. Usman have started and leading, you can see. it is a useful thing to use your background, and she has a base as reference.

    She is herself and nobody else. She is standing and will continue………


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