Adamawa: 4 Dead From Buhari Celebrations


Several youths have been feared dead following the celebration of
the victory of General Muhammadu Buhari in the last Presidential

Reports from some of the local government areas of Adamawa state
indicate that some died as a result of motorcycle display.

However, the incident which took place at the Yola Airport round
about (popularly called roundabout mai doki) took the centre stage as
some youths were allegedly fired upon by policemen while celebrating.

According to the report, at about 9:00pm of Wednesday, the
policemen in an unmarked Hilux jeep opened fire on the youths killing
one and injuring two others.

The youths who were celebrating with speakers placed inside the
roundabout started running away but the victims were unlucky.

The dead boy Abdulrahman Muhammed Jumba aged 10 would have been
buried but reports have it that top APC officials of the state
stressed the need for a delay as they are expected to be back from
Abuja Thursday and attend the burial.

The other two injured boys are meanwhile recuperating in a hospital
in Yola while the policeman who did the damage is being traced by the
higher authorities.

Since Major General Buhari emerged victorious, youths in and
around Adamawa State have been celebrating to no end.

Contacted, the Police Public Relations Officer D.S.P Othman Abubakar
said he is yet to be informed about the incident but promised to do so
after getting the necessary response from the Police higher

Also, there were reports of three deaths in Ganye and its environs
and two in Mayo Belwa.

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