APGA Primaries : Women Vow to protest Naked Over Doctored Delegates List

Chief Maja Umeh shortly after purchasing APGA nomination form and expressing of Interest form at the party Headquarters, Awka



The election could not hold yesterday 4 December 2014 even till 9:30pm as the people resisted the attempt to use the wrong list that is different from the Authentic list of the delegates that emanated from the ward delegates election .

You may recall that APGA on last week held ward congress for the purposes of electing delegates that will elect the party candidates during the election .

Early as 8AM yesterday 4 November 2014, the elected delegates and other party faithful were already in the venue of the election (BarnHill Hotel, Awka) waiting for the panel that will conduct the said election .

The panel came around 6:50 PM and immediately tension went up when they brought out the delegates list that contradict the list of elected party delegates .

Most of the party faithful especially those elected by the party members protested and insisted that Party must use the list of those emerged from the various wards for the election since it was the same Party that conducted the delegate election where party members were elected for the purpose of the primary election.

It will be recalled that Awka North and South Federal Constituency was among the remaining two Constituencies that the Party had her members as the incumbent.

Hon Emeke Nwogbo ;Hon. Chief Godson Ezenagu and Uche Onyilofor and Chief Ezenagu(Ochedo Mgbakwu) are the three contenders for the APGA ticket for the Constituency .

One Awka Chief was rumoured to be behind the attempt to used doctored lists as the angry party faithful nearly beat him up.

Most of the Women party members that spoke with 247ureports.com stated that they were really disappointed with happening in a Party they held so dear for years and wondered what why unscruplous elements should be allowed hijack the party.

‘What is going on with our APGA? APGA is not known for this type of list doctoring and if this hold, we don’t mind going naked to protect and curse whoever that is behind it .Yes we said we will go naked

‘The more we tried to convince ourselves that this is APGA the more the happenings make us think otherwise, ‘they said.

A retiree who pleaded anonymity told 247ureports.com that he joined the APGA as far back as 2003 at the formation stage.

‘ APGA has been known to be civil , but what am witnessing today is something beyond my imagination . Oh my APGA has been infiltrated by the agents of darkness .Can you imagine till this 9PM they are yet to come with list for election ?

‘we must also appreciate the role of the security agents in the venue .If not for the presents of over 50 mobile policemen and SSS personel , it ought to be a very bad news for the party and some of the families of the likely victims, ‘he said.

Effort to speak with the panel members proved abortive as they went away without having the election conducted .



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