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The burning of APC paraphernalia n Abia state by defectors from APC to PDP yesterday

The burning of APC paraphernalia n Abia state by defectors from APC to PDP yesterday

Chieftains of the party

Chieftains of the party

burning of APC flag

burning of APC flag


4 Comments to: PhotoNews: APC Members Burn APC Flag In Abia State

  1. prince mcdonald james udeh

    November 11th, 2014

    bullshit bullshit…..Abia still in a state of colonialism, if indeed these wicked looking monsters are what they claim, like imposing themes elves as agent of change then on no account should a simbol of an organisation be tampered with talk more of the extent of setting it ablaze, PDP is not monopolizing Abia

  2. Cosmosoluchukwu

    October 25th, 2014

    PDP have come to stay in abia state because they have strive for development in the state through the administration of the governor chief t.a orji . It is bold step from the Apc members to join the moving train

  3. October 24th, 2014

    Look at the people burning the flags. Stomach infrastructure!

  4. Solomon

    October 24th, 2014

    The flag burning show or ceremony in Abia State according to your reportage , by chieftains of the party leaves a sour taste in the mouth every rational reader for many among the reasons adduced below :
    -Of what fundamental or representative value is the burning of the flag?
    -What was their socio-political ideological demand and or emphasis before, during and now after their sojourn in APC?
    – Flags are symbols that depict the realities of known quantities. And it follows in line with most elementary conventions that you do flags that which you only lawfully can do to another. Thus the shameless and pitiable narrow minded bigotry of those so-called party chieftains is odious. Elders only by age and men only because of the shifting facts of accident physiology-without more.
    I am not holding brief for APC nor do I care a hoot about apparent beneficiary -PDP.
    My concern is on the side of the people being represented by these bunch of self seekers. Political journeymen with mostly nothing to offer but for their stomach. Like any other journey irrespective of the enterprise, the hireling must quit the masters service – and always for not too gratiating reasons.
    If all they could burn the flag of the party the once ‘cherished’ and bid many to come be part of , was just to be started of on another political foundation anchored the so-called LEGACY by Governor Theodore Orji, then Abia state deserves all the pity we can find. Because the political signs represented in this acrobatic display is, sadly,ominious.