Unemployment: Youth Protester Declares Hunger Strike

A one-man youth protester and national president of Youth Mountain of Hope Development Center, Chikezie Erege, has declared a hunger strike to protest against the current unemployment situation ravaging Nigerian youths.
Erege’s one-man non-violent protest, demanding better condition for the youths of the country and good governance from various state governments, has so far taken him round the states in Nigeria including Lagos, Abuja, Anambra, Delta, Imo and others.
Garbed in green-white-green robes depicting the country’s flag, the one-man protester carried placards in protest against the horrible plight of Nigerian youths all over the world, and stirred up passers-by and motorists, momentarily causing traffic gridlock as he moved from one street to another to draw attention to the misfortune of the youths in the country.
He carried placards in his hands and body with inscriptions: Let our leaders give us hope to live. Let our great leaders, our president, vice president, governors and national and state legislators give our youths hope to live
Speaking after his demonstration on the streets of Owerri, Lagos, Abuja, Asaba and Awka, the youth activist urged the federal government to intervene and for pressure to be put on the various state governments in the country to save the youths from leaving the country and dying abroad in the name of searching for greener pastures.
He said he decided to go on indefinite hunger strike until nation’s leaders considered the youth in nation building and focus more on future.
He said he devoted his time to speak out against the plight of the unemployed youths in the country especially the less-privileged ones, lamenting that inadequate infrastructure and corruption were immensely hampering individual efforts to make head way.
According to him, Nigerian youths had now become the easiest tool used for modern slavery all over the world with unemployment increasing geometrically due mainly to corruption.
“Our youths run out of this country at all cost, abandoning their home country. Many of them have nationalized in other countries just to make ends meet. Many of them die in the seas, deserts and wilderness of Morocco and Tunisia while trying to leave our dear country.
“Beyond the shores of Nigeria, there are plenty of them doing very petty jobs under harshest conditions with many of the youths indulging in various crimes such as drug pushing, robbery as well as selling part of their kidneys for money”.
He called on the leadership of the country to reconsider their stance on human engineering and development, because according him, most leading countries in the world were developed by their own citizens who were well equipped and informed to transform their nations.
“If these countries could reach the greatness, as well as drive their economy to enviable level, with or without natural resources, what about our own dear nation that God in his infinite mercy, has blessed with numerous natural resources?
“With human social re-engineering, without selfish interest, greed and corruption, Nigerian youths can build economy of the nation and enhance the standard of living”, he said.
Erege called for more government’s efforts to gear towards human and infrastructure development, information technology, as well as in power and energy sectors.



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