Nigerian Medical Association President Resigns Over Stike


The letter below shows that the President has tendered his resignation letter effective August 8, 2014. The letter comes as a result of the strike.

See below.

IMG-20140808-WA001 (1)



  1. This is a clear indication that the NMA is crumbling and a group crumbles only when it is always fighting an unjust cause. There is always a time to call a spade a spade. All should rise and call d bluff of NMA.

  2. You stand by what you have written, then you are a failure Dr Obembe!, if you cannot convince your members the reason why the strike should continue

  3. NMA president has resigned from his present position not because of the Strike,pls he should come out straight,is because of Ebola.he knew that all eyes will on him,incase if USA Fail to render their help to us that Everybody will be looking at him for cure or remedy to the virus and been the president he sees from afar,sir whether you like it or not you are the president until this virus is over before you can resign not now,so pls go and pick ur resignation letter and tear it or whatever you want to do with is left for you,but everybody need to joint hands and fight this monster called EBOLA,this is not time for resignation.I rest my point.


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