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Re: Those Fighting Or Writing For Samuelson Iwuoha Must Change Their Approach – John O. Nwadike



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Samuelson Iwuoha
Samuelson Iwuoha

My attention has been drawn to an article at the back page of the White Paper Newspaper of 30th-31st July 2014 by Sam Onwuamedo the SSA media to Governor Rochas Okorocha titled “Those Fighting or Writing for Samuelson Iwuoha must change their Approach”.

Onwuamedo in that write up tried to exonerate Mr Benjamin Uwajumogu and Governor Okorocha from the Samuelson’s illegal detention. He also said that the Police should be allowed to do their job. Onwuamedo I ask you, for how long? You are fooling no one. We know the truth. Will it take forever for the Police to do their job? We have done our own private investigation and we know the truth. The Police have clearly shown that they have been compromised. We know that Samuelson’s detention is political and that the government of Imo State is using the Police to victimize the social crusader.

For Sam Onwuamedo to openly come out to do a blow job for the Imo State Police Command, the Speaker Benjamin Uwajimogu and Imo State Government using his private media outfit goes to show how far/deep the conspiracy has gone against Samuelson and his wife. Sam Onwuamedo & Co are  pretending  to be blind and not to see the obvious conspiracy to hide the truth of the Samuelson’s illegal detention from the global community and from Imolites because they are part of the conspiracy to unjustly and illegally detain him  and his wife over a frivolous accusation of murder because he (Samuelson) exposed their corruption dealings.

I am very sure that Sam Onwuamedo & Co are aware that there was a security/peace meeting at the government house on the 5th of June 2014 in respect of cult killings in Owerri within that period, with all the security stakeholders in attendance, including the Imo Police commands. At the meeting, it was established that Samuelson and all the people arrested over the incident of 3rd June 2014 were innocent and it was resolved that they should be released. The sum of one million Naira (N1,000,000) was released to the two warring groups to shield their swords and maintain peace. Till date Samuelson and his wife have not been released.

I am happy that Sam Onwuamedo in his writing indicated that “ the Police we know, in a situation like this  have their language, we do not know much of, they can make water out of stone when they want a point against somebody”. It should be recalled that a team of policemen were sent from the Police Force Headquarters Abuja on the 24th of July with a letter to the CP to officially transfer the case of Samuelson to Abuja but Imo CP has not complied with the transfer order. The Police Commissioner himself told the Policemen from Abuja that Governor Okorocha and Mr Benjamin Uwajumogu are involved in this matter. As at today they are fighting to stop the transfer of Samuelson’s case to Abuja. They even want to hurriedly and secretly  take him to court  on 6/8/14 and remand him in prison custody.

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With the above knowledge in mind, it is very pertinent for these questions to be asked.


  1. Was there a security/peace meeting on the 5th of June 2014 with all the stakeholders in the security business including the police in attendance at the government house?
  2. Was it not established at the security/peace meeting that Samuelson and others arrested were innocent and that they should be released? Others have been released excluding Samuelson and his wife.
  3. Were the names and addresses of the killers of Architect Franklin Okoli not provided at the security/peace meeting and was submitted to the police command?
  4. Did the state government not give the sum of One million naira (N1,000,000) to the two warring groups to shield their swords and maintain peace?
  5. Did the Chief of Staff to the Governor (Sir Jude Ejiogu) based on the resolve at the security/peace meeting at government house not led a delegation to Imo police command on the 6th of June 2014 to apologize to Samuelson and others arrested for the unjust and illegal detention?
  6. Did the Chief of Staff on the June 6th 2014 demand the immediate release of Samuelson and others arrested after the security/peace meeting on 5th June 2014 exonerated them?
  7. Was Jude Ejiogu not scolded by Okorocha and Uwajumogu for attempting to release Samuelson?
  8. What was the essence of the Speaker Benjamin Uwajimogu’s Chief Security Officer’s visit to Samuelson’s IPO (Mr Innocent Obi) on the 5th of June 2014, and when confronted, he was speechless?
  9. Did Speaker Uwajimogu slam a Six billion Naira (N6b) libel suit on Samuelson Iwuoha with suits marked CV/1780/2014 and CV/1781/2014 during this period of Samuelson’s unjust and illegal detention. Could it be a coincidence?
  10. How come that Imo police command having participated fully in the security/peace meeting of 5th June 2014 at the government house, the Chief of Staff Sir Jude Ejiogu having demanded for the release based on the revelation that all those arrested are innocent and they are still holding Samuelson and his wife till now?
  11. Why is the police command still holding Samuelson and wife when they have carried out four blood tests from samples of the blood stains found in Samuelson’s apartment and that of late Franklin Okoli and it did not match? Even the Deputy Police Commissioner has said it severally on phone and to Samuelson’s father that Samuelson is innocent.
  12. How come the body of Arc. Franklin Okoli was released to the family and was buried on the 10th of July 2014 if the investigation has not been concluded?
  13. How come 17 others arrested along with Samuelson and wife have been released, despite the fact that Samuelson was not around when the incident occurred and blood sample test did not match in any way?
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There are a lot of questions that should be asked but most worrisome is that the truth is being suppressed here and somebody is talking about approach. Does that mean we the people are at the mercy of the people at the top?

What other approach is Sam Onwuamedo & Co suggesting when an innocent man & woman are languishing in the police cell and their under aged children and businesses are suffering terribly. If indeed Samuelson is Onwuamedo’s “friend and man” as he claims, he should have gone to visit him and hear from him so as to have a clear insight of the issue, instead of relying solely on Police and their so called “investigation” purposely being used to punish the couple and their under aged children. If those questions are sincerely looked into and investigated, the answers will reveal a lot of truths.

What Samuelson is facing today obviously is not a murder allegation but as grand conspiracy designed to silence him. The story of Joseph in the bible quickly comes to mind in Samuelson matter. At Potipher’s house, his wife tried seducing him but Joseph being an upright  and honest man with the fear of God, frowned, resisted and  fled from the temptation but at the end of the day, he was jailed for attempted rape. But Joseph’s imprisonment became a blessing. Imagine Samuelson who on several occasion alerted the world even the police that his life is being threatened by those he exposed is now being accused and detained by the same police for murder.

Having keenly followed Sam Onwuamedo from his first write-up on this matter captioned “Samuelson Iwuoha and the Murder Allegation –May God Grant him favor like Paul and Silas” I have come to believe that he had a deeper insight and support of the intention of these manipulators  as per the conspiracy against Samuelson. In totality Sam Onwuamedo & Co are biased and we know a biased mind can never see clearly talk less of speaking the truth. Understandably, Sam Onwuamedo is doing his job as a media aide but in doing  his job, he should realize that the only time God will help us is when people including Sam Onwuamedo and co starts speaking out against injustice, illegality and falsehood.

May the lessons of the uprightness of Joseph from the bible guide and teach us. As our dear First Lady once cried “There is God O”. We know this God will vindicate Samuelson soon  and put the enemy to shame.

John O. Nwadike


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