2015:  Governor Okorocha Tells His Deputy, Chief Of Staff To Declare For Imo Guber

Imo State Government House Owerri

Press Release

Rochas and madumere

Imo state Governor, Owelle Rochas Anayo Okorocha has told his Deputy, Prince Eze Madumere, Chief of Staff, Sir. Jude Ejiogu, and other senior political appointees in his government willing in contesting the 2015 governorship election on the platform of the All Progressives Congress, APC, to declare immediately, and should not be cowed by him.


Governor Okorocha spoke while addressing leaders and officials of the party and aspirants on the ticket of the party in the state, stating that nobody should withhold his or her ambition because of him, and that every member of the APC willing in the governorship of the state should throw his or her hat into the ring, assuring that there would be level playing ground for all aspirants in the choice or selection of candidates of the party.


The Governor told the party stakeholders that the party would have mock primary on September 1, 2014 which would precede the main primary; adding that the mock primary would be community based because the candidates the party would back in the primary proper would be the persons who got more popular support from the people in the communities that make up their respective LGAs, or state constituencies or federal constituencies or the senatorial zones.


According to the governor, the people at the grassroot must be fully involved and that the party would press for popular candidates that will win elections for the party no matter the zone they come from, charging the aspirants to go home and mobilize and do not hope that anybody would give them ticket through the back door.


Governor Okorocha said, “every aspirant must face his community.  All party members must be involved.  It is not going to be few delegates matter.  There will be no Government House candidates or Governor Okorocha’s candidates.  The Government House or the governor will not give the party any candidates.  Government or Governor would go for the candidate of the people.”



Sam Onwuemeodo

Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Media


  1. you are correct my amiable Governor.Any body who think that he is popular should face the public in a contest.I wish Imo state a success.

  2. He is a fast guy indeed, he just want people that will help him finance the party. In other ways trying to exploit them the little they have saved from his government. Oro if cony man die na cony man go burry am sooooo.

  3. Okorocha please, complete the roads you started in Orlu zone before May 2015. You know what Imo state is like toward Orlu, once a new governor who is not from Orlu zone succeeds you 2015, he will never build one kilometer of road in Orlu zone. They would rather want to build overhead bridges, flyovers and even underground metro system in Owerri.

  4. No mind ORO, he is using their brain to relieve them of their jobs. Cony man wan no who is interested on his job before the end of line, 2015.

  5. It is really easy said than done. Only the anointed and a person of the people will be there for the good people of our blessed STATE. Warning, do not speak against the anointed.

  6. I have said it before, election is a game of number. We respect Okorocha Rochas, but let this fact not escape his mind, whether he is contesting or anyone else approved by him or the state may find it difficult to gain our votes if Nkaraha road he started in 2011 is not completed clean and clear.Nkaraha is in Mgbuisii autonomous community in Ohaji.

  7. The problem with Okorocha is wrong party. APC is Boko Haram and Boko Haram is APC. If not, Okorocha is the best after Mbakwe. I wish Dee Rogers will change party to any party hence not PDP. APC is not for Easterners irrespective of everything. Think Twice Rogers


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