President Obama has ordered a review of deportation practices in hopes of making the process more humane.

The news was praised by immigration activists nationwide, but some here in the valley are asking the president to go even further.

Local immigrant rights groups say the current process tears families apart, and unfairly punishes people who’ve committed no other crime than simply being here illegally.

Instead of a review, the want deportations stopped immediately.

Under the Obama administration, an estimated 2 million illegal immigrants have been deported.

The administration has changed the criteria for who gets deported over the years, activists say it’s time to stop all deportations.

“If he is to win back any level of trust from our community, then he has to take one simple step, stop the deportations and stop them now,” said activist Alfredo Gutierrez.

“It illustrates that this president simply doesn’t understand there is no humane way to destroy a family,” he said.

Jay Carney, the President’s press secretary explained what Homeland Security has been tasked to do, “Conduct a review of practices to ensure that within the confines of the law we are carrying out these policies in the most humane way possible because he is very cognizant of the pain of the families who are separated are feeling as a result of deportations.”

While many of these activists believe the move is a good first step, they want to see more sweeping change and hope the Homeland Security secretary comes to valley as part his review.

“Hear from the families that are suffering. We want that as part of the equation and then we want the policy changed so that no non-criminal will be deported,” said Maricopa County Supervisor, Mary Rose Wilcox.

“We are asking him to take the next step and do what we have been asking him to do. Stop deportation and expand DACA to our parents and sisters and brothers who do not qualify for it,” said immigration activist, Erika Andiola.

DACA stands for a deferred action program that lets people brought to the country when they were children stay here legally as long as they meet certain requirements.

The Black & Brown Coalition of Arizona has sent a letter to President Obama thanking him for a comprehensive review of national deportation policy. They also requested a meeting with Secretary Jeh Johnson with Homeland Security.

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