Africa Will Remain Grateful To Nigeria – Yahyah Jammeh, President of Gambia


President Yahyah Jammeh of The Gambia has said that Africa will remain grateful to Nigeria for its leadership role in the continent.

President Yahyah Jammeh stated this in Abuja while delivering his speech during the Nigeria’s Centenary International Summit on “Human Security, Peace and Development: An Agenda for Africa”.

According to him, Nigeria has continued to spend its scarce resources in promoting peace, development and democracy in Africa.

“Africa and the civilised world will remain grateful to this country (Nigeria) as an indispensable giant in the advancement of our African civilisation,’’ he said.

President Yahyah Jammeh urged Nigerians to resolve their differences and move the country forward as Africans looked on Nigeria as a role model

He called on the dominant religious groups in Nigeria to always shun acts capable of causing social unrest.

‘‘We appeal to all Nigerians to reconcile their differences peacefully and maintain Nigeria as a strong and unified power house of black Africa.

’’There is no country in the world that is comprised of one region, one religion and one ethnic group.

‘‘The beauty of Nigeria and any country for that matter lies in her cultural, religious and regional diversities.

‘‘Our diversities should be a source of strength, unity and pride and not division, weakness and violence,’’ President Yahyah Jammeh said.

He urged all Africans to continue to nurture the culture of peaceful co-existence and embark on industrialisation of the continent to ensure peace and development.

He said poverty could only be eradicated in an atmosphere of peace and secured environment.

In his goodwill message, President Ernest Koroma of Sierra Leone, urged Nigeria not to let Africa down, saying that ‘’Africa’s hope is in Nigeria’’.

He said that Nigeria’s strength was in its unity, adding that ‘’no Nigerian is bigger than Nigeria.’’



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