We Are Aware Of Bamidele’s Antics, Says Ekiti APC


The All Progressives Congress (APC) Ekiti State has said that it was
very much aware of the antics of Michael Opeyemi Bamidele a.k.a MOB,
to unleash violence in the state and weaken the security apparatus, saying that the reported arrest, on Friday of two roughnecks believed to be working for him has further vindicated the party’s position that
Bamidele should be held responsible for the introduction of violence
to the politics of the state.

A release signed by the Director of Publicity and Media of the Party,
Segun Dipe stated that Bamidele’s antics of masterminding crisis,
maiming and killing APC faithful and people of the state was being
checkmated through government’s provision of security as well as the
alertness of the security agencies to their duties.

The party noted the various politicians and political parties in the
state had been going about their political activities in very peaceful
and responsible manner devoid of any allegation of molestation before
Bamidele and his men started introducing violence into politics of the
state using imported thugs from neighbouring states.

According to the release, “The reported arrest of two political
roughnecks working for MOB, Mr. Oyediran Afolabi and Mr. Oluwafemi
Sunday who allegedly forced their way into the home of Mr Deji
Adesokan one of the aides of Governor Kayode Fayemi, with the
intention of assassinating him as assigned, did not come as a surprise
to us.”

“The two men, who came from Akure and are now in the police net
reportedly had in their call logs three calls made to Hon. Opeyemi
Bamidele that evening, plus the ones made to one “Bullet,” one “Idajo”
and one “Butcher.” They are also said to possess the phone number of
the governor of a neighbouring state.”

“We saw this coming. We had sensitized and will continue to sensitize
our party faithful and the good people of Ekiti to be watchful and
alert to the fact that they have a son who now exhibits the traits of
William Shakespeare’s Macbeth and is ready to apply the strategies of
Macbeth (killing and maiming) to get to the top of his political
career. He keeps importing thugs from neighbouring states into Ekiti
to unleash mayhem on the same people he aspires to govern.”

“Now that the breeze has blown and we have seen the romp of the fowl,
their acts are becoming predictable, there is nothing else to do than
to keep tightening the noose against the Bamidele-led mobsters and
keep nabbing them before they carry out their nefarious acts.”

“MOB’s intention is to make the state ungovernable for the APC
government either by kidnapping, maiming and killing, or by creating
an atmosphere of crisis and confusion like it happened to the people
of Emure Ekiti in other to justify his ambition to become a governor.
We will continue to checkmate him and others with just evil intention.
We hope that the sharp eyes of the security operatives will also keep
fishing them out even before they commit the atrocities.”

The party recalls the alarm raised by Bamidele’s Labour Party, that
the Governor John Kayode Fayemi-led APC administration in the state,
has turned Ekiti to a police state. “Our response remains that we will
continue to do more in the area of security in other to keep
check-mating the dastardly acts of MOB and his ilk.”

“We are sure that Governor Fayemi will stop at nothing to ensure that
his reign of peace is not decimated by the MOB antics. We are sure
that our discerning people will now see the seriousness in our
sensitizing them to the doom which Bamidele portends. And we are sure
that the police and other security agencies will continue to maintain
law and order in the state.

Our strategy is focused on ensuring that APC as the fastest growing
party in Africa today, is further rooted in Ekiti and that it
continues to live in the heart of the people as the ally they can
trust and hold accountable all the time. We are serving the good
people of Ekiti, not MOB and his gang. Labour Party is unknown to
Ekiti people as a serious party, yet they now want to gain popularity
by doing the negative. This is what the people must resist.”

Segun Dipe, Director of Publicity and Media, Ekiti APC.




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