Jigawa Hisbah Arrests 14 Commercial Sex Workers



The Jigawa state Hisba command and sharia implementation haveapprehend 14 commercial sex workers at various location in the stateeight person were arrested in Hadejia town comprises of six womenprostitute and 2holigance boy in the area while six others were duckedat Dutse and tambarin gwani village comprises three momen and threemen while displaying their nudty act.

The commandant of the Hisba and sharia legal committe ustaz saa,adgalamawa comfirmed the incidentr shortly after parading the colprit atDutse majistrate court one yesterdayOut of the said numbers of the sesx workers seven have been sentencein prisonment for the period of six week with fine of five thaousndeach without option and the other seven suspect were handed over topolice to conclude investigation before the court while one other hiscase was adjuned till 26/11/13 for hearing because he denied the hisbastatement in court.Justice Datti Ahmed of the magistrate court one stated that the courthas senetence the seven suspect to six week inprison because they haveconface that they were arrested in the commercial sex house othersadmits that their business is commercial sex based on that the courtthe court sentense them inprisoment for the period of six week withfine of five thaousand naira each with out optionWhile the remain seven suspect were handed over to police to completetheir investigation before bringing them back to court for furtherjudgement.

The commandant ustaz galamawa said also 1204 bottles of alchohol wassnached from the bear salers in Hadejia,Birnin kudu And Dutse town thebottles were apprehended by his men of the hisba command during therecent operation in the state adding that about 600 bottles weresnached at kuwai in farin sanyi quaters of dutse local government areain the state capital.while five hundred bottles arrested in Hadejia Gidan gawo quaters nearmakara huta and the remain bottles were apprehended in birnin kuduarea of gangare quaters where prostitute are parading their hyniousact no person was arresetd during the operation he stated.Adding that all the bottles is in court as an exibits which after thecourt action the alchohal will be destroyed for others to learn aless0oon.Rafin sanyi in Dutse is just like a nomansland area in sabon garinkano it is a place where alchohal is free taken just like a fure waterthe place is just like badawa lay out in kano or barbeach in lagoswere people has nobody to control them but with the effort of Hisbacommand in the state the evils did has drastically reduce to the veryminimum.

Source close to the area confirmed that the hynious act has reduce andeven thief and boglaries activities were now reduce within the areadue to parsistance partrol by the Hisba committee in these area itcould be recalled that about 3 month ago 11 commercial sex workerswere arreseted with traditional musical groups at larabar chaichai ofRingim local government and larabar tambarin gwani in Dutse localgovernment.But still such commercial sex workers in the state are displayingtheir hynious act in hiden place as meen of lively hood for businessventure to survive


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