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Igwe Agulu Did Not Curse Dr. Ifeanyi Ubah – By Afam Ilounoh Esq



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ifeanyi ubah
…Gov Obi cursed himself by breaking pact he sealed with Ojukwu
First, Dr. Ifeanyi Patrick Ubah wishes to reiterate his uncommon and unflinching  respect for Igwe of Agulu, His Most Royal Majesty, Innocent Obodoakor, his chiefs and the entire people of Agulu, especially for the grand welcome extended to him when he campaigned in that wholesome town on the October 17, 2013. As the video records attest, the people were out in their thousands and the campaign almost turned into a carnival as the people expressed their support for Dr. Ubah. The love was not one-sided; Agulu has always held a soft spot in Ubah’s heart.  During the campaign, Ubah made several promises directly to the people of Agulu  – promises that would uplift the town – and, by the grace of God, he will fulfill them when he becomes Governor of Anambra state.
For instance, Agulu Lake deserves much more than just a bridge; inland water bodies are magical tourist pullers and the in-coming Ubah administration will spruce Agulu lake, that wondrous gift of God, up into a tourist attraction which will earn money for the people of Agulu and Anambra state – and beautify the landscape. It will require a business-savvy Governor, something Anambra has lacked in Obi’s almost eight-years of non-performance, noted for its lack of employment and refusal to pay even the nationally accepted minimum national wage, but which the state will gain in Dr. Ubah, to transform Agulu in particular and Anambra in general.
The baseless report entitled “Igwe Obodoakor Of Agulu Curses Ifeanyi Ubah” merits no reply at all. It was so badly written that the discordantly hogwash with neither rhyme nor reason to recommend it to any serious-minded person did not bother Dr. Ubah at all. Dr. Ubah is replying it though out of respect for the Igwe’s and the town’s names it invoked –because Igwe Innocent Obodoakor and his town of Agulu are both dear to him.
According to this article that deserves the price for the worst news report of the millennium,   “The Igwe spelt out in deep sorrow and pain on the abuse of the pride of Agulu people and the toiling with their culture and tradition”.  Pray, what does “the Igwe spelt out in deep sorrow and pain on the abuse of the pride of Agulu people and the toiling with their culture and tradition” mean?  Does it convey any meaning at all?  The nonsense continued “He went further to state that, This heartbreak is as a result of the impersonation of the Igwe of Agulu by Ifeanyi Ubah who has insulted and mocked the Igbo tradition. The fraudulent Igwe then purportedle endorsed Ubah on behalf of Agulu people”.
Phew, so is the story claiming that Dr. Ubah impersonated the Igwe? If he did pretend to be the Igwe, then how could this have been possible: (to quote from the story) the “fraudulent Igwe then purportedly endorsed Ubah on behalf of Agulu people”? So who endorsed whom? Or did Dr. Ubah endorse himself?
Into what deep recesses of the nether world does Governor Obi want to sink Anambra state? Does it mean that the Governor, in his obdurate refusal to fill the gapping employment vacancies in Anambra state – be it in the primary schools, secondary schools, universities, the civil service, etc, has also refused to hire capable hands to write his reports? The report that screamed “curse” in its wild title, never showed how the respected and father-like Igwe, cursed anybody. Even at the only place and time the word curse appeared in the report, and I quote: “This infuriation made the Igwe to curse the labour party candidate, saying that for him to lie against Agulu land, Agulu Land will deal with him”, the words of the alleged curse never showed. Really, the Igwe cursed nobody!
What follows shows that this convoluted attempt to harm the Labour Party and Dr. Ubah’s candidacy in the November 16 election (but please overlook the rotten English in the first sentence):  “The Igweship and chieftaincy in Igbo culture hold a high prestige in the heart of the Igbo culture. It is on this note that the Igwe and other titled men of Aniocha LGA endorses   Willie Obiano as their Governorship candidate come 16th November, 2013”. So, dirty politics, which has enchanted APGA’s soul was the only thing at play here!
What could have led to the nonsense spewed out in that accursed report, where the respected Igwe was totally misrepresented? It is the recent news report that Gov. Peter Obi sealed a pact with the late Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegu-Ojukwu (the Ikemba Nnewi) that he would strive that an Nnewi indigene succeeds him in office. That pact was sealed during Obi’s quest for a second term. And it was based on that pact that Ojukwu asked Ndi-Anambra to grant him one last wish and vote for Obi. The people listen to their leader and Obi emerged victorious in that election. Now, he has forgotten the pact he signed with Ojukwu. And when it was pointed out to him that he has betrayed Ojukwu, he rushed to rename a university after Ojukwu. Yes, Ojukwu deserves whatever could be named after him, he was that great, but should pacts sealed with the man not be respected? A man whose word is not his bond has no integrity.
For the benefit of the public the earlier story about Gov.Obi’s pact with Ojukwu as disclosed by some conscientious Agulu chiefs, is reproduced below. Nowhere in the story did any of those four chiefs refer to themselves as the Igwe of Agulu; so there was no impersonation.
“Agulu Chiefs to Peter Obi: Respect Promise to Ojukwu by Supporting Ifeanyi Ubah
…Reveals Pact between Ojukwu and Obi.
Governor Peter Obi of Anambra state signed a pact with the late Ikemba, Chief Emeka Odumegu-Ojukwu, to support a person from Ojukwu’s home town of Nnewi as his successor.
Four high chiefs from Obi’s home town, Agulu, Anaocha LGA, have therefore cried out to the out-going Governor that it would be unconscionable and condemnable of him to whimsically renege on the promise he made to the supreme Igbo leader who had against all odds convinced the Anambra people to vote in Obi as Governor eight years ago.
The chiefs told journalists in Agulu, on Wednesday that there was an agreement between Ojukwu and Obi. The chiefs, Ozo Ebubeagu Onyedibe, Ichie Hon. Anthony Oguejiofor, Sir Chief Chistopher Chukwuemeka Diliinye, and Chief Ichie Julius Iloh, said that they were disturbed that the binding pact that Obi made with Ojukwu, has been reneged upon simply because Ojukwu is now dead. They said they were not only present when Obi made that statement but that day they were actually the ones who spoke on Obi’s behalf because “he is a small boy and should not be heard when real elders are talking”. So that day we were the ones who spoke on his behalf, we asked Ojukwu to support our son, Peter Obi, who is from our home town of Agulu. The respected Ikemba, may his souls rest in perfect peace agreed to our demands and promised to openly ask Anambra people to vote Obi in as governor just for his, Ojukwu’s own sake. It is on record that Ojukwu made that request; and because Ndi-Igbo could not say no to the great warrior and uncommon leader who sacrificed everything for his beloved people, Ndi-Igbo, Obi was voted in as Governor”.
Onyedibe, the Head of Ozo Ezeana Obeneshi Agulu, who spoke for the group said that it was also on record that Ojukwu asked that Obi should work for an Nnewi person to succeed him, and only after that should the needed rotation among the various peoples of the state continue. It was based on that firm pact which Obi swore to and sealed before a man that is now among the ancestors that he nominated an Nnewi woman Dame Virgy Etiaba to be his Deputy-Governor with the full understanding that Obi would not seek a second term but leave office after four years single tenure.
“Now, Obi has served for two terms instead of one, but it is his promise to Ojukwu, which was renewed during his quest for a second term,  that bothers us. If he wants to break it by supporting Willie Obiano of his All Progressive Grand Alliance party, we want to say that as old men, we cannot join him in hiding, disrespecting and desecrating the truth. We are titled elders and so we are not supposed to lie, and Obi knows that I am telling the truth. I also had believed that Obi as a Governor and a very religious Catholic should have no problem with keeping his promises – especially those made to a dead man who is no longer here to ask him any questions or state his own side of the story. Sincerely, people should not tell lies against the dead, and promises made to anybody, whether living or dead, but more so the dead, them should be respected”.
Afam ilounoh Esq
Director Media & Publicity,
Ifeanyi Ubah Campaign Organization

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