Why Anambra Youths Should Vote For Tony Nwoye


With the trend of events in the state, If it were for personal and
exclusive reasons that drives Comrade Tony Nwoye to aspire to govern
Anambra state, it may be uneasy for us to adduce a justification for that

But, on August 24th 2013, when he emerged the PDP candidate, he stopped
being ‘I’ or ‘me’ and became ‘US’ and ‘WE’, my dream, became our dream. A
dream for the teeming Anambra youths and youths elsewhere tortured by
weariness and pain, who strives valiantly towards a goal, but feel
defeated when they see the gap between the ideal and the reality.

Today is that Tomorrow our elders talked about Yesterday,we are grown and
mature to take care of our destiny, but still have an undeserved
interference from those whom it is their duty to strengthen our failing
courage and shed sunshine on our paths to destiny as we take some falls,
get up and continue, fully aware that the baton we hold we must guard and
relay to our OWN today’s tomorrow.

Tony Nwoye represents that us; a shared dream of our today’s generation
who are harshly burnt by the scorches from the heat of economic furnace.
Those whom their daily quest for survival has hampered their conscious
recognition of the fact that they hold major stake in the continuous
process of making a good today for a better tomorrow. Tony Nwoye
represents that shared dream for a thousand young elements that despite
their age and maturity are keenly aware of the entrenched establishments
usurping our space and roles in modelling own today.

The battle he wages is our battle, the war waged against him is against
us, a war against all the young, articulate and energetic,vibrant, principled and talented young minds who have the brain and power to make a
meaningful change in the state and elsewhere but are discouraged, afraid
or intimidated by unassuming influence of money politics, godfatherism
and planned perpetual habitation of the Political/decision house of our
today’s destiny.

It is amusing to talk about the children’s children, the future of our
tomorrow without the consequent basic foundation and care of our today. I
know that human race is a relay race, batons must be passed from one hand
to another; a race which the end result depends on the skill, speed and
creativity each generation carries on with its part in the race. It is a
race in which an athlete in the front-line is allowed to take a few steps
backward to receive the baton but can never be by-passed.

Therefore, those of us today, who unassumingly thinks it is Tony’s cross,
that it is politics, shoud know that it is a war against you in that
little or corporate office where you work, your household, your market
place or any domain you find yourselves. The Practical question you should
ask and regurgitate on the answer is this- Do I hold the baton yet?

May our place in history not be with those cold and timid souls who
neither know victory nor defeat, who through cowardice allow a handful of
oppressors accept the responsibility over our lives that we should have
accepted for ourselves

Let us look beyond his political aspiration and appreciate the potency of
Tony Nwoye’s dream. Collectively we can own this DREhAM SEED, plant,
nurture and
grow it into a big REALISM TREE from which our children will harvest the
fruits of emancipation

Mazi Orjika Chidi
Ikeagwuonwu Klinsmann
Onyia Ikechukwu




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