More News And Key Players On The Willi Obiano Double Voters Card Registration Scandal


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Subsequent upon recent investigations, more information has emerged on the Willi Obiano fraudlent double voters registration at Lagos and his country home Aguleri

Few hours ago when the bubble busted on APGA, the state Government intensified more efforts to delete Willi Obiano’s voters registration at Aguleri

A former disgraced INEC Lawyer (Now `working for APGA,),Barr Ejisieme Alex aka Obodo G has been used as the ‘’MR FIX IT’’ by the state government to ensure that INEC deletes Obiano’s Aguleri Voters card.The sum of 500 Million Naira was given to Barr Ejisieme Obodo G to cary out the hatchet job of ensuring that Mr Ahanotu Chidi the ICT Unit head of INEC in Anambra state deletes Obiano’s name from the Aguleri register

When Mr Chidi Ahanotu developed cold feets on the matter, the state Government mandated Barr Ejisieme to contact one Mr Nsofor, Electoral Officer (EO) Anambra East LGA. Part of the plans being considered by APGA was to bribe Mr Chidi to delete the Aguleri Voters card and then transfer the Lagos Voters information to the State. Another option was to transfer the Lagos voters info to Aguleri and either deletes the previous info or claim there was a machine malfunction

While thy were considering the options, information came that it would be easier to approach INEC office at Abuja to do the alteration. Barr Ejisieme Obodo G,then abandoned the Awka INEC Office and flew to Abuja while asking Mr Ahanotu Chidi to keep the deal secret

On reaching Abuja,Barr Ejisieme and some top APGA Stalwarts on Mr Peter Obi’s instruction went straight to see one Mr Chidi Nwafor,a Director with INEC and head of the ICT Unit at Abuja to delete one of the Voters Card of Willi Obiano.Mr Chidi Nwafor instead opted out to instruct the ICT Unit at Awka headed by Mr Chidi Ahanotu to delete the Aguleri voters information.

But unfortunately for the APGA crew,the Awka Unit informed Abuja that the scandal has already leaked to the Press. On hearing this,Mr Chidi Nwafor washed his hands off the scandal and asked the APGA team to return to Anambra State

In a last minute desperate move to cover-up this fraud at all cost.Anambra State Government employed every arsenal to co-opt the state Resident Electoral Commissioner (REC) Prof Onukogu to assist in deleting one of the voters cards. Mr Willi Obiano immediately sent a letter to the REC Prof Onukogu to pressurise the ICT unit head at Abuja Mr Chidi Nwafor to delete his Aguleri’s registration at the Abuja office while Mr Chidi Ahanotu assured Obiano that immediately Prof Onukogu succeeds at influencing Abuja,that their Unit will delete every data on his double registration

The implication of this scandal is that INEC will definitely disqualify Willi Obiano for fraud and electoral offenses as cotained in Nigerian Electoral Act and APGA may have to nominate another candidate

Dr Nnamdi Jepheth Umeasiegbu





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