The cock and bull tale, told by so-called International Society for Civil Liberties and the Rule of Law, INTERSOCIETY, a branch of All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) in an attempt to exonerate Mr Willie Obiano who has been technically indicted by INC is to say the least Disgusting.

We are not seeking to create an altruistic organisation out of INTERSOCIETY because they are irredeemable. What we seek is to let the unsuspecting public know that INTERSOCIETY has not ,as far as we have monitored through ,our very reliable outlets, made any investigation, let alone make any findings that exonerate Obiano from the heavy and topical crime of double registration which will see INEC prosecute tens of thousands of innocent Ndi Anambra before the November 16, 2013 elections.

INTERSOCIETY is the APGA-controlled government mouthpiece in the civil society who would go to any length to sing songs of apology and compliance for their masters in exchange for filthy lucre. Unfortunately they have managed to carry on the deceit,because Anambra State people wrer not conscious of their activities then. Not anymore!

When Anambra State government hurriedly demolished a hotel in Onitsha recently without due process or order of the court, INTERSOCIETY went deaf and dumb. We had to help them with a microphone in which their voice did not ring loud and clear.

They justified the demolition of a property belonging to a going concern, without an order of the court. Today they are still persecuting the custodian of their secret, rather than bringing him face to face with the law.

When the governor of Anambra State illegally ordered the burial of bodies of able-bodied men thrown into the Ezu River  at Amansea, Awka North Local Government Area ,INTERSOCIETY crafted four windy and contradictory tales  to confuse investigation, and still appear to be telling the truth,when they were not.

When  individuals in the state government equally cornered the collective patrimony of Ndi Anambra to the tune of  N5 billion to build a factory for the production of oo’mpa beer owned by these individuals, INTERSOCIETY justified it, even when Ndi Anambra do not believe them and the courts are on the matter at the moment.

When Sylvester Nwobu-Alor one of the three major shareholders of APGA, moved into Nnewi with force slaying 12 innocent members of the Anambra Society in a carnage that is yet to be investigated, INTERSOCIETY’s internet connectivity died and I believe it is still dead to the issue.

We therefore do not expect a leopard to change its spots, even when we know that Obiano is guilty of double –registration which is at the verge of being proven to all Nigerians.

Once again we restate that INTERSOCIETY is a hired APGA gun and call on INEC to rediscover the open and hidden powers available you them to ensure that both Obiano who committed the crime of registering twice in the INEC voters list and his godfather who recently donated N200 million to a military formation with strings attached to the double registration racket are exposed to the public for being involved in this national calamity.

We urge Ndi Anambra  and Nigerians not to sleep until Obiano is arrested, investigated, prosecuted ,and predictably jailed for doing what even councillorship aspirants cannot do-CRIMINAL REGISTRATION at two centres, in two states, at different times, stating two ages that are out of synchro.

We know it for a fact that should INEC fail to do what they ought to do on this matter, they can only postpone the evil day, and real stakeholders in the slippery game of Partisan politics are in a postion to evaluate the risk involved.


For: All Progressive Congress (APC)

Okelo Madukaife

Interim State Publicity Secretary