APGA Exposed: Obiano Signs Secret Document…Umeh To Be Paid in Billions If Obiano Wins



By Fejiro Oliver

Revealed!      Another Okija Shrine Resurfaces In Anambra State As APGA Forces Willie  Obiano To Sign Secret Document…Umeh To Be Paid in Billions If Obiano Wins

Nigeria is going to be treated to another round of Okija shrine saga, as witnessed in the

days of Mr. Chris Ngige and Mr. Chris Uba during Ngige reign as Anambra governor. An agreement we can report has already been entered between the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) candidate, Mr. Willie Obaino and the APGA National Chairman, in the event that he gets elected as the governor of the state.

The agreement [see below] copy of which was seen by elombah.com reveals that upon his election as the successor to Mr. Peter Obi, who has brazenly looted the state treasury, Obaino will pay the sum of One hundred and twenty million Naira monthly to Umeh while he will pay another whooping Thirty million Naira monthly to Umeh’s National Adviser, Chief Austine Ndigwe, who was the witness in the agreement.

The agreement which was fast forwarded to the date of Thursday the 20th day of March, 2014 confirms that Chukwuma Soludo disqualification was just to pave way for Obaino, as it noted that Obaino agrees that his emergence as the party candidate and ‘governor’ was solely the handwork of Umeh.

The criminal agreement which is meant to loot the state also reveals that all political offices, both executive and appointed which shall be carried out by Obaino shall be determined by Umeh and Ndigwe throughout the duration of his tenure. Another part of the agreement is that all members of APGA board of trustees shall be appointed by Umeh in consultation with Mrs. Bianca Ojukwu, without any interference from Obaino.

A plot was also hatched in the agreement, that six months into the leadership of Obaino, he shall withdraw the certificate of recognition of HRH Igwe Gibson Nwosu (Eze Uzu Awka) as the Igwe of Awka and give the position to his ally, Austine Ndigwe. Obaino was also made to sign that the current APGA Deputy National Chairman, South, Chief Onwuka Ukwa will become the National Chairman, upon the expiration of Umeh’s tenure.

With this action, Anambra State has already been sold to Umeh and his cohorts with ample support from Peter Obi, who is also expected to get kickback from various contract executed in the state.

Source: Elombah.com




  1. This is pure wickedness in high places. how should human beings be so hartless to this extent of planning on how to sell a whole state as big as Anambra state? peter obi and victor ume, God almighty must not let you go free.

    • So you are daft to believe this worthless document? This is a bad case of forgery. The info that was sold to us was that Obi picked his business partner, Obiano for governor. How come it is Umeh that picked him now? As at the time this agreement was purported to have been signed March 2013, Obi and Umeh were running two parallel APGAs. Anybody speaking for this forgery is part of the authorship. QED

  2. Believe this story, you ll believe anything, like, the President has to eat his dead grandfather’s carcass before he was made a lecturer. How can this be enforced? Agreements are made to be enforced. This 1 already is a worthless document. Let’s be civilized in campaigning.

  3. I de laugh.
    Elomba should also investigate n reveal the Olumba Olumba covenant which Obiano was alleged to have taken, and the extent of Obi’s involvement and the details/implications.
    God the Almighty must surely save Anambra from the vampires.

  4. When a man fights and starts throwing sand at his opponent you can then draw the conclusion. This document dispels any further doubts that APGA will resoundedly win in Nov. 16th. Congrats APGA your indeed ours.

  5. Pls can sm1 tell Elombah dat ds kind of agreement does not exist in political sphere. Politician swear in shrine jst lyk Ngige did b4(and am sure he has sworn again jst dat ds tym its in Ifa shrine smwhere in ijebu ode) Obiano can ignore smtin lyk ds and Umeh can’t go to court with this. Peter Obi wnt be Stupid enuf to allow such agreement wen there is ntn in it for him. Umeh also wnt go into such agreement knowin its worthless and can’t even be presented in court. From my observation, this is a forged tool for propaganda purpose. Obiano is Civilised and a retired banker and will always need a lawyer in an issue like this plsss

  6. Anambra state is the most currupt state in Nigeria and that is why we can not move forward like other states,Full of vampires sucking the blood of the sufferers,God will expose you people one after the other.

  7. Its interesting to note that those leaders are not the problem but the people that let them remain in power. We must not forget that the so called leaders are only a handful compared to the general populace. We have the power to drive the leaders out instead we resign to faith and religion and make shameful statements like ‘God save us’ or ‘God will not let them go free. My fellow Nigerians, God will not do anything for us unless we start actively making efforts to drive corruption out of our system.

  8. This story is a big lie.I would suggest that the publisher should also be part of the agreement since they can now see what is done in secret.This kind of media campaign is pure madnesss .

  9. I have read with much disappointment the documented currently circulating online and purported to be an between three key players in the Anambra political landscape. While the issues raised by this document are of serious consequence, I cannot but be amused at the cheap and poor quality of the purported agreement.

    In the first instance, parties to such agreements representing another legal entity must be in a position to derive benefit in their official position not in their personal capacity for it to have any weight in law. Therefore, if Victor Ume and Austin Ndigwe have contracted an agreement in their personal capacity, they cannot be said to be acting on behalf of APGA.

    The reason for the above is simple, the document does not recognize them as chieftains acting on behalf of APGA but as individuals acting in their own right. While not holding forte for the individuals mentioned above, it is clear that even if the document were valid, APGA is not bound by it as it is not a party to it, even though the individuals concerned are current national officials of the party.

    As far as the agreement is concerned, they are not acting on behalf of the party. It is pertinent to note that, if the document cannot be connected to APGA, it therefore cannot be leaked as a document emanating from within the party. This thesis alone raises a significant red flag that it is a fake and nothing more than an underhanded plot to seek political advantage.

    On further scrutiny, it is clear that the authors of the purported agreement failed to take the following critical point of law into account. Non-contracting parties cannot be bound and liable in any agreement they are not signatory to whether in person or be assigns. Therefore, the purported document is null and void, having prescribed roles and responsibilities for other eminent citizens of Anambra, whom I would rather not name so as not to continue to associate them with this despicable act. However, including them in this document further raises one’s suspicion that the purported agreement is a fraudulent document and has no connection the mentioned contracting parties.

    In conclusion, it is my view that a serious investigation of this whole debacle should be conducted, and if the parties mentioned are found to be culpable, they should be brought to book. However, if in the most likely scenario that this is just another malicious, vindictive and opprobrious attempt to besmirch and denigrate the reputation of upstanding Anambra citizens mentioned in the purported agreement, then the full weight of the law should be applied to every person behind this sinister machination.

    Anambra cannot afford to be in the news for the wrong reasons anymore. We must build a legacy for our children.

    Emeka Obi-Eze – Lagos

  10. Hogwash! just look at the date of the so called agreement 20th march 2014! how can you sign a legal document today with a future date. The moron who published this nonsense want to try his luck. This a cheap mudslinging if you ask me


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