VP Namadi And Governor Yero Supports Impunity And Arbitrariness In Kaduna House Of Assembly



Kaduna state more often than not referred to as Liberal state,the former capital of Northern Nigeria,the political hot bed of the North is once more on the spotlight,this time around for a very bad,obscene and indecent act of some gang of malicious members of the Kaduna house of assembly numbering 18 who for some selfish reasons on Tuesday 24th sept 2013 ,after a well orchestrated plan sponsored by VP Namadi and Gov Yero forced there way into the Lugard hall Chamber of the House of Assembly(even when there was a notice sent out by the house committee chairman on security and vetoed by the speaker ,postponing the days sitting for security reason) ,operated with apparent impunity as opposed to the rule of law ,with a kangaroo style sitting ,removed Hon Muazu Usman Gangara and his deputy Hon Dr Dogara Matoh as presiding officers of the house and elected another speaker and Deputy speaker .

It is so funny and very disgusting that in a democratic setting like this ,that the law makers have now turned law breakers.In an Assembly that consist of 34 members it is expected by law that you need a 2/3 majority ie 22 and not 18 members before the Speaker could be impeached but that was not the case at the Lugard hall Kaduna ,it is also more demeaning to to confirm the involvement of Gov Yero and VP Namadi.Why would the Governor and the VP embark on such a a dangerous act even when they know that Kaduna is engulfed in a tensed and in secured atmosphere arousing from the crisis in Kafanchan ?The answers are not far fetched,personal and selfish interest overriding the general interest of the electorate who voted them into power.

The event of Tuesday 24th September at the Kaduna house of assembly which culminated into the so called impeachment of the Speaker Hon Muazu Gangara and his Deputy was an eyesore,it happened like a commando or a military like coup plot.Yero and his co-Plotters met at the tick of the night of Monday 23rd sept to the early hours of Tuesday 24th sept at Deluxe hotel Ali Akilu way Kaduna,the agenda was nothing more than a plan on how to Sack the House leadership at all cost,peacefully or by the use of force.

Ufortunately,a good Samaritan leaked the plan to the Camp of Hon Gangara the legal speaker, and to avert a repeat of a bloody scenario likened to the Rivers state house imbroglio,the Speaker Hon Gangara liased with other key officers to suspend the sitting for that day 24th sept and a notice was sent out to all members to that effect.While that was going on there was an order withdrawing all security personels attached to the presiding officers of the house and those at the assembly complex.As early as 8.30am same day some tough looking security men armed to the tooth took over the entire Lugard Hall assembly complex,coupled with a police Helicopter hovering around the area.The Kaduna state Police commissioner when contacted insisted he was carrying out orders from above,but a senior police officer who spoke to this reporter on anonymity confirmed the VP gave the order passing it through the IGP to the CP of Kaduna.The officer advised Hon Gangara and his supporters to stay away from Lugard hall to avert bloodshed.

At about 10am ,18 rebel members came into the assembly complex ,went into the chamber appointed a certain Hon Philemon Usman as speaker protem to conduct the days business,after which they decided to impeach the speaker and his deputy,for some flimsy excuse of a report they quoted from a soft sell Magazine even when they don’t have the required number to do so.In there arbitrariness they appointed Hon Shehu Usman Tahir Member Rep Giwa West as speaker and Hon Peter Adamu Rep Kagarko as Deputy,there action was as unacceptable as it is ridiculous .

It is noteworthy that VP Namadi capitalized on President Jonathans absence in the country to act,using the security apparatus at his disposal to cement his inglorious act,the VP was also heard to have boasted that what the president could not achieve with the assembly in Rivers ,he has done in the Kaduna assembly.Meanwhile Hon Muazu Gangara,Hon Dr Matoh,Hon David Umar and other officers of the house are Loyal party members to the core ,there offence is that they have remain resolute in ensuring that the truth prevails in the affairs of Kaduna state ,in doing that they have offended Gov Yero and VP Sambo and the prize is an outright sack.

It seems the VP realized he is loosing out Politically in the North,he has totally lost control or has he ever been in control at all?The activities of the 7rebel Governors of Northern extraction speaks volume.As such he feels even if he looses other Northern state ,he cant afford to loose his home state Kaduna,unfortunately he is doing it the wrong way ,he has strangulated the state politically and financially .More so in his bid to maintain firm control over Kaduna along side Yero his godson cum Governor ,they have decided to ground or sack everything that had to do with Yakowa ie;

1.Sack the State Executive council

2.Sack the Leadership of the state house of Assembly

3.Sack the Party EXCO

4.Sack the Executive Chairmen of the 23 LG area of the state and replace them with Yero’s men.

This agenda is gradually and religiously been followed from the foregoing event so far.

As it is now tension seems to be mounting especially from the Youths of southern Kaduna ,they see Yero and Namadi as killers of there dream,hear one the youth leaders “Namadi and Yero have come to destroy all we gained from Gov Makarfi and Yakowa,we would not sit back and see Yakowa’s Legacies destroyed ,we vow to resist any act of impunity by the evil duo of Namadi and Yero.We are also labeling the following house members as Traitors and we would treat them as such.Hon Philemon Usman,Hon Jerry Kantiok,Peter Adamu and Esther Habu.We also learned that the illegal speaker has robbed Southern Kaduna the office of the majority leader,this is as unacceptable as we condemn in its entirety the process leading to impeachment of Hon Gangara lead assembly,we abhor imposition of any kind and strongly belief in the tenets of democracy.We call on the National assembly as well as the presidency to urgently wage into this matter so as to avert further break down of law and other”.

Those were the exact words of a southern Kaduna youth leader,the urgent need to adress this issue is therefore paramount.




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