Homosexualism Is Sin Against God, Humanity – Cleric


'prophet' Prince Benjamin Ndubuisi (800x600)

Fiery Cleric, Rev. Christian Monday has condemned the growing incidence of homosexualism among religious leaders, describing it as sin against God and humanity.

In chat with journalists in Aba, the cleric who is the South East Coordinator of Fire Pentecostal Ministries International described such men as wolves in sheep clothing who have done much harm to the church.

“Homosexual is a great sin against God and humanity.  God abhors it. God’s plan is for male and female, not to man or woman to woman. It should not be even mentioned among the brethren, not to talk of ministers of God. If any Minister of God who is supposed to follow God’s standard is found guilty of such offence, something must be wrong somewhere along the line because such a man cannot be serving God. It is a taboo in this part of this world, anybody found guilty should face the law, no matter his position.”

On claims that such people are exercising their fundamental human right of freedom of worship, Rev. Monday said that human rights has its foundation from God, insisting that people who indulge in such acts are far away from the truth.

“It is an abuse of human right for somebody to claim to practice homosexualism. There are many satanic people and churches around the society today. It is taboo. Some people take it in order to fulfill a particular objective. It shouldn’t be heard among the church of God. I have told my congregation that any practice that does not have origin from the scripture is not from God is satanic and must be avoided.

He commended the National Assembly for passing a law against gay marriage and called on religious leaders to avoid practices which have no foundation from the scripture.

“We must be alert to avoid even aids from organizations or individuals whose aims are ambiguous. Some people are sponsoring this practice to achieve a particular mission. ”



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