Rancor at Lugard Hall -Kaduna State house of Assembly, VP Namadi Sambo –The man Behind the Mask

Vice President of Nigeria, Architect Namadi Sambo
Vice President of Nigeria, Architect Namadi Sambo

Since the death of HE Governor Patrick Yakowa, Kaduna state house of Assembly can be seen to have witnessed what would be referred to as an uneasy peace, this is because of the resurfacing of some members in the house who actually lost out in the leadership tussle during the Yakowa era and also others who felt sidelined by Yakowa and the leadership of the house.

It’s also no longer news that there are serious ruckus ongoing in the house, which is aimed at discrediting the leadership of the house, sowing a seed of discord among members, bringing down the house to a state of comatose and creating brouhaha and upheaval, thus paving a way for members to pass a vote of no confidence on the leadership hence the resultant effect would be a change in the leadership of the house.

The current rancor in the house seems to be a very healthy development for the executive arm of the state, because the Governor HE Ramlan Yero is taking advantage of the situation in the house to have his way unchecked, due to the fact that the leadership is struggling tooth and nail to save their positions. As a result, it becomes very difficult to actually exonerate the executive lead by Yero from this grand design to do away with the Yakowa leadership. It’s also very clear that there are some big powerful invisible hands aside Yero behind the moves.

The question now is why are they interested and pushing for the change of the Leadership of the Kaduna House of Assembly [KDHA].

Investigation has showed that the current leadership of the house have continued to raise eyebrows on why all the contracts awarded by the late Governor have suddenly stagnated even when 25percent upfront was paid to each contractor, the house committee on works during one of its oversight functions saw that almost all the jobs especially road construction commissioned by Gov. Yakowa has come to a complete stand still as such they became so uncomfortable with what they saw to the extent that when they tabled the issue before there other colleagues in the house, the speaker Hon Usman Muazu Gangara swore to ensure that he would leave no stone unturned until he sees to the Logically conclusion of these projects, knowing fully well that monies have been set aside for them .

While investigating the above issue, the leadership of the house discovered that about N25billion meant for these projects have been squandered within a short time into the life of Yero’s administration, most of it used to service the Vice president, it is on record that N8b went to Nalado groups, a company owned by Namadi, in the name of consultancy fees for the Kaduna millennium city hospital project, all these monies were spent unilaterally by Gov. Yero and his cohorts without due process. The leadership of the house miffed by this development resolved to ensure accountability on the side of the executive who in turn became uncomfortable with them and have concluded to change them hook line and sinker .In doing that, some members who were before now aggrieved got recruited to do the dirty job with monetary inducement and a promise of lucrative committee headship or leadership position.

The plot was hatched at the VP’s residence in Kaduna during the 8th and 9th of August 2013 Sallah break, we were reliable informed that after the 34 members of the KDHA routine Sallah visit to the VP’s house during the last Sallah break, a few others were secretly notified for a meeting with the VP later that night and the agenda was “change in the leadership of the house” .Those who attended the meeting were

1- Hon Ahmed Jumare (Branco)-PDP Representing Makarfi, former speaker of the house, known for his infamous act of single handedly signing N1.6b supplementary budget without other house members knowing .A known kleptomaniac currently been penciled for the position Speaker that means defying the currently zoning formula in Kaduna, Jumaare is from Kaduna zone one while Yero also comes from same zone

2- Hon Tahir Usman –PDP Rep Giwa South-Also lobbying to be speaker

3- Hon Philemon Usman PDP Rep Makera –A die had Namadi apologist, he foolishly believes he could also be speaker of the house by going into this unholy alliance. He has more often than not betrayed his brothers in the southern part of Kaduna by aligning with the North

4- Hon Jerry Kantiok PDP rep Zonkwa Constituency-He was promised majority leader, he is known to be very rash and selfish

5- Hon Peter Adamu PDP Kagarko-he was offered the position of Deputy Speaker, though Jerry Kantiok seems to prefer the Deputy Speaker position .He is known to be very close to Sani Sidi the DG OF NEMA and one of Namadi’s godson. He was actually recruited by Sidi

6- Hon Esther Habu PDP Rep Sanga-She is Kagoma by tribe, same as the late Gov. P. I. Yakowa; she was recently a guest of the EFCC because she was involved in some contract scam in her constituency. The VP promised to intervene and give her a clean slate with the EFCC as well as the position of the chief whip of the house

7- Hon Yakubu Bityong PDP kaura-A die had apologist of the VP,he was one of the closest commissioners to Namadi when the VP was governor in Kaduna.He is known to be very fetish and crude and was at one time incarcerated for having links with the dreaded terrorist group Boko Haram.This kind of person can do anything for money.

8- Mohammed Ali APC rep Kawo- Was promised Minority Leader

9- Bala Yunusa APC rep T/Wada-monetary inducement

10- Gambo Ibrahim APC Rep Igabi east-Monetary inducement

11- Yusuf Zailani APC Rep Igabi west-Monetary inducement

12- Yakubu Yusuf APC Rep Zaria Kewaye-Monetary inducement

13- Haliru Sambo APC Rep Ikara-Monetary inducement

14- Aminu Shagali APC Rep S/Gari-Monetary inducement.

With the above names of members and what they stand to benefit therefore, one does not need a Chrystal ball to tell that all this members are partaking in this dastardly act basically for parochial and selfish reasons, while Namadi and his godson Yero are trying to save themselves from embarrassment in the hands of the present leadership of the house and also pave way for the looting of the state funds unchecked if they have their way.

As it is now all seems not to be going well with the coup plotters as they have failed to acquire the 2third majority to carry out their act, more so some party stalwart of the APC in the state as well as National has described the alliance by the APC members in the house with Namadi and Yero as unacceptable and sanction able if they don’t withdraw from it. Meanwhile the southern Kaduna people, there youth groups have promised fire and brimstone if Yakowa’s Legacy is upturned and house members from that zone continue to be part of this plot. One of the leaders of the youth groups made it clear that all the house members mentioned above from the Southern part of Kaduna would be branded persona non grata if they continue to be part of this plot



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