Kwara Gov’s Aide in Rape Scandal


He is one of the top aides of Governor AbdulFatai Ahmed. He attempted to rape a married woman at a popular hotel in IIorin a couple of weeks back.

The woman who works in an Ilorin based media house had responded to invitation by the man who is a Special Assistant to the governor, to discuss official matters with her.

She did not suspect the Special Assistant had a dark motive, being someone she knew and respected.
On arriving at the hotel, the Special Assistant lured the woman into a room he had already secured.

As soon as the woman entered, he pounced on her. The woman put up a stiff resistance, until she managed to escape. But not until she was beaten black and blue, and her clothes torn to shreds.

The woman was forced to keep the incident to herself because the man threatened to destroy her since the rapist is said to be highly connected in security circles in the state, if the matter gets out.

Our source said that was not the first time the Special Assistant, who hails from an opposition Local Government Area in Kwara State would be engaging in rape. He was said to have also raped a student of Kwara Poly recently.

This story is said to be causing so much furore in social and political circles with the top gubernatorial aide threatening fire and brimstone should the story hit the news stands.



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