Torukongo 1 Task Rivers Traditional Rulers To Settle Amaechi Rift


Chief john ochi the Torukongo 1,Alabo of okrika has called on all the traditional rulers in Rivers state to rise up and stop this ugly misunderstanding between president Goodluck Jonathan and Governor Rotimi Amaechi.
Chief John ochi who is also a traditional War Canoe chief of opuoriko awala war canoe house,laden with burden on the danger this rift could cause the entire Niger delta on the hard earned presidency in an interview with newsmen in Abuja enjoin his co-traditional rulers,likes of king Alfred Diete spiff,king Edward, PRINCEWILL (CFR) Amaechre xl,Amayanagbo of kalabari kingdom,Eze frank eke,Eze gbaka gbaka,His Majesty Eze Nnam chukwuemela II of ogbaland to lead other traditional rulers from Rivers state and the oil producing states of Niger Delta and ensure that this rift is amicably resolved.
Chief John ochi contended that it is Imperative for the traditional rulers to sort out this rift,because the rift is an opportunity for the opposition to continue to create confusion in the polity,capable of making Gov.Rotimi Amaechi to sucuumb to their request of 2015,vice presidential slot as against the presidency Niger Delta zone is enjoying through president Goodluck Jonathan.
He cautioned that if this Impasse is allowed to mature the likelihood of president Goodluck Jonathan winning 2015 elections could be slim.
“I am calling on the traditional rulers to come and settle between father and mother,brother and child.the president wife is the mother of the Nation,while the president is the father of the Nation,Gov.Rotimi Amaechi is our son.mother,father son could have misunderstanding,our traditional rulers from the Niger Delta should come and rescue us from this problem else we would find it hot in 2015.”
Chief John Ochi the Torukongo 1 of okrika fishing communities revealed that through his foundation he carried out Investigation on the alleged vice predidential bid of Gov.Rotimi Amaechi alongside with Gov.sule Lamido discovered that it was a set up hatched against Gov.Rotimi Amaechi and president Goodluck Jonathan to set up confusion in such a manner that Mr. president would lose both presidential re-election and even the touted vice presidential seat.
The masterminds of this Game knew that president Goodluck Jonathan and Dame patience Jonathan the mother of the nation loves Gov. Rotimi Amaechi,the hatchers of this game he maintained knew that Gov. Amaechi is Interested to contest for 2015 senatorial seat of his senatorial of the hatchers is a serving top government functionary who is from Rivers state nursing a senatorial ambition to contest the senatorial seat as he came from Gov.Amaechi zone,the person is believed to be responsible for all Gov.Amaechi woes as he feeds the presidency deadly lies against his performing governor.
Going to Memory lane on why Governor Rotimi Amaechi derailed,the Torukongo chief accused Gov.Amaechi”s retinue of aides and advisers of heating up the polity by sowing seeds of discord amongst the people and the people that worked for him during the electioneering days were left to rot and regarded as beggars due to the fake stories they feed Gov.Amaechi.
“When I wanted to go for a medical checkup to India,I wrote Gov.Amaechi,I sought help from him I was refeered to his commissioner of health,one paulker who took me to a quack doctor.After checking me they said that I had no problem later on I SLUMPED somewhere I was rescued and rushed to new Delhi India by a Rivers good samaritan.when Gov.Peter odili was the Rivers state Governor he does not Joke with the chiefs,Traditional rulers even the PDP chieftains.”
He stated that commissioners in Gov.Amaechis cabinet,local government chairmen and their councillors were responsible to Amaechi problem.
Chief John ochi also also Informed that the local surveillance team in which he was heading during Gov.Rotimi Amaechi primaries in 2007 lost men in his bid to protect him and deliver him for the 2007 General elections.
According to him he took risk of his life while patrolling on the waterways,Navy Gun boat opened fire on his surveillance team on the day of Gov.Amaechi primaries was conducted.
following the Intervention of Adeshina an SSS Director who called the Navy commander offor to sieze fire he and others could have perished.
chief John ochi said he is happy that his effort was not in vain as today the dignity of the Rivers man was restored by Gov.Amaechi through his rapid development in the state.
commenting on the activities of Torukongo foundation,chief John ochi who is also the National president of the concerned youths of the Niger Delta Informed that when Governor peter odili was the Rivers state governor he was made the head of local surveillance then,where he supervized all the elections and worked under the supervision of the director of SSS Adeshina were he legitimately made his money through odilis government through which he funds the foundation activities.
Following the high level of unemployment,poverty in the Niger delta region who live on the mangroove forest,his foundation started giving orientation to the people,people were also rehabilitated to the society by engaging them to meaningful things.
He lamented that a typical village in the Niger delta lacks good drinking water,lack of good environment for learning,no good health care which resulted on the people carrying guns in the past.
He appealed to the northerners to allow president Goodluck Jonathan run his tenure from 2015-2019 adding that the northerners liberated Niger deltans from Biafra,the northerners under president shehu shagari raised the dignity of Rivers man and they sited NAFCON which employed over a million people,petrochemical Industry,Refinery phase 2,the liquefied natural gas all built by IBB,later Abacha created states in the Niger Delta making the Niger delta people and the North to be one brothers in diversity.
He called on president Jonathan to appoint a directorate for grassroot mobilization in all the local government areas in the country as this will ensure equitable distribution of dividends of democracy to the poor masses who are hungry and angry in the midst of budget of trillions,giving instance on the budget of billions in Agriculture fishermen especially in the Niger delta receive zero allocation.
He urged mr.president to Implement his predecessors dream on the ring roads designed for Abuja and the Niger delta



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