Man Hands His ‘Boko Haram’ Son over to JTF


A Maiduguri based businessman (name is not disclosed for security reasons) on Thursday turned in his biological son, a member of Boko Haram, to the Joint Task Force, JTF, with an order that he should be shot dead, witnesses said.

… The son, according to close family sources, had once threatened to kill his father before he fled home and returned only recently; as security operatives continue to clamp down on the sect members. He was said to have returned as a prodigal son, seeking asylum in his father’s compound.

“After confessing all his crimes including how he participated in the killing of people and looting of banks to his father, the old man said he has no such conscience to keep a killer son in his home,” said the family member under anonymity.

The 60-year old Kanuri man who lives in Babban-Line Commercial Area, Maiduguri, simply approached the Sector Office of the JTF and told them about his son.

Witnesses quoted him as saying, “This boy is my son; he is a confirmed member of Boko Haram and has killed many people, he too should be killed too.”

In a dramatic twist, as the young man attempted to flee from the soldiers to whom his father handed him over, he was shot at and struck down by a bullet. He later died. His father, who was yet to completely leave the scene simply turned around, looked at the writhing body of his son on the ground and said, “Masha Allah” meaning, “To God be the glory.”

Before he was handed over to the soldiers, the young man was said to have revealed to his father and family members that he possessed two cars and had millions of naira buried somewhere near his family home. But the father said he had no interest in the ill-gotten assets and has no intentions of inheriting them according to Islamic laws as they are ‘haram’.




  1. This man is as sincere as many of my Muslim friends.Who would like to loose his child?Who does not like money?If our leaders followed this example this man would not meet this fate today.

  2. This man has given hope that there are still good people in Nigeria. It should not be limited to this true story, Nigerians should rise up and expose those corrupt politicians whether they are your father, mother, uncle, brothers, sisters or friends. Stop fronting for those that steal and stash away our resources. They even more dangerous than members of Boko Haram.

  3. Means we can still find one good person in Nigeria. This man should be brought to national record and made a saint. He has true love for ALLAH.

  4. This is an example of poor information management often exhibited by the Nigerian security operatives. They shot him dead instead of using him to discover other facts about Boko Haram, like the CIA would do.
    They also destroyed the hope of others coming out with information about family members who belong to the terror group. Yes, the man could have said, “glory be to God,” but I am pretty sure he would naturally regret his action and may not repeat it if need be. Our security operatives should learn to do things better.

  5. Why must they kill him..goats Nigerian police or jtf need extensive tranin, honestly..that’s was a good source to get more Bokoharam members..GOD bless the Man..he shall make heaven..I love him..he is an Hero


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