JTF Sabotage: Shekau Narrowly Escapes Capture in Borno



The ongoing insecurity crisis in the northern region of Nigeria may have found its Achilles heel at the doorstep disloyalty and sabotage within the top ranks of the Joint Task Force [JTF] as it parades its security strength at the three hot spots of Adamawa, Yobe and Borno States under the new State of Emergency instituted recently by the President of the federal republic of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Ebelemi Jonathan.

Information available to 247ureports.com obtained through competent sources knowledgeable of the ongoings of the activities of the standoff between the violent Jihadist group [Boko Haram] and the Nigerian security forces – indicate that not all may be going as earlier anticipated by the federal armed forces.

Upon initial arrival of the Nigerian security forces to the war theater in Borno State, it was reported to have made quick successes against the violent Jihadist group. A member of the JTF, Lt.-Col. Danladi Hassan revealed that the suspected terrorists that were previously holed up in Kirenowa, about 60 kilometers to Nigeria’s border with Chad Republic, “escaped their camp on May 16, 2013 and destroyed their belongings before leaving as they discovered that the federal forces were approaching.” A military source even revealed that the top boss of the Jihadist group, Shekau, was within the reach of Nigerian security forces – at the start of the operation.

The source, who is a close associate of the Director of the State Security Service [SSS], revealed to 247ureports.com that the Nigerian security agents had the Jihadist top boss’ location and pattern of movement within their radar – through the assistance of newly acquired security gadgets donated by American and Israeli intelligence agencies.

The JTF in Borno had pinpointed and confirmed the location and/or hiding place of Shekau – near a boundary town to Borno on the Niger Republic side near Goure – where many of the Jihadist fighters were reported to have escaped to – following the declaration of State of Emergency.

However as the Nigerian military forces swooped into the town in considerable numbers – hoping to capture or kill the Jihadist leader – in time to score appreciable political victory against the May 29, 2013 Democracy Day celebration – Shekau disappeared into an unknown location following what the top ranks in the Nigerian Intelligence circles believe was a tipoff from a Jihadist mole within the Nigerian Military ranks. The source also notes that security agents believe Shekau and some of his men may have traveled westwards towards Madarounfa in Niger Republic – for possible re-entry into Nigeria through Kano or Katsina State.

The Commander of the Military forces stationed in Borno Maj.-Gen. John Ewanshia was particularly unsettled by the narrow escape of the Jihadist terrorist. The makeup of the security forces, as a result, was reshuffled to weed out the Boko Haram sympathizers, suspected Muslim hardliners, suspected Buhari/Babangida loyalists and others believed to have reasons to undermine the Jonathan administration’s efforts against the Jihadist group.
Meanwhile, Nigerian intelligence point to new developments within the Jihadist group that have begun to raise concerns within the agency. A competent source near the activities of the JTF admitted that the upcoming 2015 Presidential elections and the tussle within the ruling party, the Peoples Democratic Party [PDP], has added an unexpected but dangerous dimension to the campaign against violent Jihadist.

We suspect that some of the northern politicians who have indicated interest to occupy the President’s seat, and those wanting to get the PDP presidential ticket have started providing assistance to the terrorists” said the source who also explained that the politicians in question have come to accept the 2015 presidential race as a test of WILL between northern Nigeria and Jonathan presidency. “We expect for the activities of Boko Haram to ramp up as the tussle for presidential ticket within PDP draws nearer“.



  1. This is how we will continue to go astray, instead to actually face the reality but unfortunately always trying to introduce more fictitious entity simply because other people have tried hard to feed us with the wrong information. There is going to be negative consequences on every wrong conclusion carried out based on personal interest especially political. What brings about BUHARI or BABANGIDA to be connected to or sympathizing with the BOKO HARAM and its ideologies.

  2. God bless the President of Nigeria and the two generals, most importantly, Buhari. I don’t think these duo have connection with BOKO haram, in any way. I suggest that we have to be careful with advice from countries like USA, IRAN and ISREAL otherwise our country will soon turn to a battle ground, we are taking a wrong course. GOD SAVE NIGERIA

    It is worthy to note that there will be no smoke without fire. If they two have anything to do with these mayhem in this our Country, one day God will surely deal with them.

  4. We must not be toying with the dangerous idea of linking people with this war if we don’t have the facts. It is ungodly and smacks of unethical conduct in journalism.


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