Why Do Westernized Africans Think They Can Teach Us? – By Lekan Abayomi [NewsRescue]



May 3, 2013

Why do westernized Africans think they can teach us?

by Lekan Abayomi[NewsRescue]

Why do westernized Africans think they have the liberty to insult Africans to European audiences?

Laying out “pathetic” stories from an Africa they do not know, to  give an idea of helplessness and need for pity from these audiences?

I listened to Patrick Awuah who had an obvious free advertisement in  form of an article published on CNN, May 1st, describing him as a so  called millionaire, who had decided to exit Microsoft to go to Africa to  “train African leaders.”

What gives him the audacity to think he can train African leaders?  Training in the United States? Experience working for western fortune  500 companies?

What irritated me the most listening to his speech is when Patrick  described the need to “enlighten” African leaders. Enlighten? Is a lack  of enlightenment the problem of African leaders? What does this  “enlighten,” mean, “Illuminate?”

Does he not see the need to train African commoners? Why is he  heading for the leaders? Do leaders make a society or does the society  determine its leadership? Do leaders not emerge from commoners? When  leaders are of a different strain than commoners, is this not  colonization?

Patrick AwuahPatrick Awuah

Is Patrick in Africa to implant a colonial mind in our new leaders to continue the Royal Niger company colonialist bargain of “development  tied to European receipt of more than half of proceeds?”

After all, no one does not know of what one of their “western  enlightened” peers, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf did to Liberia, sealing  100-year binding sellout resource deals with America, after to the  worlds astonishment, we Africans solved their crises and restored  democracy with our ECOMOG force.

Patrick gave a sentimental story about some friend of his in surgery and the power went off allegedly and there was not even a candle, lantern or flash light to continue the surgery. Going on to describe it as being pitch black in the OR with the patient crying from lack of anesthesia? Really?

How about these people come straight with their agenda and mission to Africa, to contribute a new level of cultural colonization, from top  down.

A similar speech I heard, again on another of the same TED talks  episode by a popular Nigerian writer, Chimamanda Adichie, went on the  same line.

Her speech, titled, “Why we all need to be feminists.” was delivered  with Chimamanda dressed in a African top and a body clutching, all curve revealing pant. She definitely set out to illustrate what she wishes  African new feminists wear to formal gatherings.

Chimamanda likewise gave some pathetic stories of experiences in her  supposed past, to create a “aaaw,” pity reaction in her western  audience.

Her dressing was no accident, the African garb upon body revealing  pants. None of her white audience wore such pants to the meeting. No,  it’s not formal, it’s not worn by them themselves in professional or  semi-formal settings.

The typical white wife is not a feminist. She has traditional  culture, she respects and values her husband. It’s the worst of the west that these people decide to bring home. To “teach,” us. Feminism is not the solution to male chauvinism. Of course not. Just as “Black racism,”  if such could exist is not the answer to racism.

If Chimamanda is interested in not having men helping her open the  door, carry her heavy bag… if she no longer wants ladies nights, and  ladies first, and men picking the tab, let this be her choice and hers  alone. In Africa, we believe women are the delicate specie, the  emotional specie and we have decided to keep it that way. If our system  did not work, the white man would have met no Africa to steal technology from and cart away slaves to build his societies.

Truth is, it is only the likes of Oprah Winfrey, the ambassador of  this disorder to minorities, whose “man,” was her dog and “pet” was her  man, who push the radical feminist agenda. Little surprise her old age  had her set up a girls school in Africa as some sort of “family.”

So my question is, why are these people trying to export the worst from the western world to Africa?

How about bringing in what we need and not what they think they want to donate to us?

How about they first come to Africa and learn what we are about  again, before they make these decisions to change and “transform,” us as Patrick put it.

Is enlightenment our problem in Africa?

Is enlightenment the reason why SAP and IMF policies create an  environment of unfair trade which destroys our ability to become  competitive, self sufficient and develop our industry?

Is enlightenment the reason why African and black Caribbean countries have paid the north(western nations) three times over, what we borrowed from them in IMF loans as exorbitant interest?

As French President Francois Mitterand put it in 1994:

‘Despite the considerable sums spent on  bilateral and multilateral aid, the flow of capital from Africa toward  the industrial countries is greater than the flow of capital from the  industrial countries to the developing countries’ (see Touissaint and  Comanne 1995: 10-12).

Is a lack of enlightenment the reason why western nations smuggle and sell and supply so many small arms to gangs in Africa, which are then  responsible for 90% of our violence related deaths?

Was it a lack of enlightenment that enabled our best and brightest  leaders, the likes of Thomos Sankara to be assassinated by suspected  western organized plots?

Do we not know that western governments have just as much corruption  as African have, the only difference being the western historic and  continuous exploitation of African and Middle Eastern man power and  resource including the new unbelievable “carbon-credits,” and brains to  keep their finances up?

If we had forgotten, the recent confession by all major media, that the bloody western war against Iraq was a “war on false pretext simply for oil, big oil [NewsRescue],”  reminded us of how the western countries re-fill their economies and  corrupt officials’ companies pockets by invading other “less  enlightened,” nations.

My advise to all these westernized Africans is,- either come to  Africa and learn who we are and what we go through, with the mind to  learn from us and work with us as equal Africans, or stay where you are  and deal with your social challenges, which include some of the highest  rates of teen pregnancy, gun-related and adolescent violence, HIV,  wealth disparity to mention a few.

Chimamanda in particular, I will advise you focus on the leading cause of death for African American women between the ages of 25-34, hopefully you know what that is. That is a worthwhile “feminist,” cause for you.

But please do not give lectures with the illusion that you are able  and capable of telling us what we need to do, and do not come to Africa  to “enlighten our leaders.”



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