Release Justice Bode Rhodes-Vivor’s Family Now – By Chief Mike A. A. Ozekhome, SAN



The abduction on the Ore-Benin road of the wife, daughter and driver of revered Justice Bode Rhodes-Vivor of the Supreme Court late friday has once again most forcefully brought to the forefront, the pitiable and parlous security situation that has engulfed Nigeria. Coming few days after the kidnapping and final release of nonagenarian and elder statesman, Alhaji Shettima Ali Monguno, the issue of kidnapping has assumed a frightening dimension such that all Nigerians must rise up to kill this menace before it kills  us all. IT IS A TWIN SISTER OF Boko Haram and Militancy.


Justice Rhodes-Vivor, a well-acclaimed jurist, is merely a judicial officer, not an entrepreneur. His wife is a legal practitioner, not a business woman. Only on September 13, 2012, his son, Rotimi, was also abducted with a N30 Million Naira ransom demand. Why is this madness targeted at a peace-loving and hardworking jurist who has served Nigeria meritoriously?


Is this persecution by faceless merchants and buccaneers masterminded by politicians who have vowed to make Nigeria ungovernable? Or is it by mere kidnappers for the sake of ransom money alone? If so, where do they expect a serving justice of the apex court to cough out ransom money? Whatever angle we view it from, the fact remains that Nigeria is fast descending in to the abyss of systemic annihilation. It is more and more adorning the toga of one of the most insecure places on planet earth. We are becoming the laughing stock of the international community. For God’s sake, kidnappers, or whoever you are, release immediately and unhurt, justice Bode Rhodes-Vivor’s lovely wife, daughter and driver. I plead with you in the name of God. Don’t discourage patriotic Nigerians from giving all to their fatherland.




Press Release by:


Chief Mike A. A. Ozekhome, SAN

Constitutional Lawyer and Human Rights Activist.




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