Nasarawa Killings: “Only The Police Knows What Really Happened” – Ombatse President

Baba Alakyo,The spritual head of Ombatse
Baba Alakyo,The spritual head of Ombatse


The fast raising insecurity and near chaos in the many regions of Nigeria appear at the edge of volatility as the uniformed officers of the various arms of the Nigerian security apparatus find themselves before the receiving end of the many police-killer groups that have sprang up in recent years since the coming Yar’Adua/Jonathan presidency. Information available to through top rank sources inside the Ombatse group indicate that the killing of the over 100 security agents in Eggon, Nasarawa State recently was the result of another more mysterious dealing – that had nothing to do with the people of Eggon.

In talking with the President of the Ombatse people, Mamman, he decried the growing notion that the people of Eggon were connected or responsible for the killing of the said security officers. He was quick to point out that the entire population of his people are below 300 – and that the number of youths in their community number below 80. He also added that the community is situated in the interior part of Nasarawa State. “The place is so interior and remote that even Igbos do not live here. So you know that there are no grocery stores here” said the Mamman as he explained that only the police new what it was going to Eggon to do. “We had no problems in Eggon to warrant police presence, we did not call the police“.

This is why its has become imperative that “We need a panel, a federal panel to investigate what happened in Eggon. We need to have our name, the name of our community cleared. The federal panel is our hope. We have appeal to the President of Nigeria, Dr. Jonathan to launch an investigation into the killings“, said the administrative head of Ombatse while adding that the police mission to Eggon remains unclear.

A top ranking source from the police in Akwanga, Nasarawa State shared similar sentiments with off the record.

He stated that the security contingent that had departed for the bloody journey to Eggon – had originally been told they were headed for a training exercise in Benue State – only for the orders to be changed mid-way into the journey. The contingent were ordered to change their destination from the training exercise in Benue to a community inside Nasarawa – Eggon. The police explained that only one or two top ranking officers – knew of the operation that security contingent were headed for. “The officers on convoy did not have a clue where they were headed“.

The police source also agreed with the administrative head of Ombatse – that the truth of what occurred on that bloody day has yet to be uncovered. In his take, the security contingent were attacked by forces much sophisticated than the police is wiling to say. He agreed that “only the police know what happened on that bloody day“.

Meanwhile the governor of Nasarawa State, Al Makura recently promised to bring justice to the Ombatse group for the killing of the over 100 security officers.  He made the statement on Tuesday to press persons. But sources tell that the governor has yet to form a panel to investigate what occurred on that day – neither has he visited the site.

Other sources knowledgeable of the ongoings near the Eggon community point away from the charge that the people of Eggon were responsible for the death of the security officers. Some of the faceless sources espouse the notion that the police officers were knowingly sent on a ‘suicide mission’ by select top ranking officers who have other reasons for their action. This notion remains unverified.  



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