Kwankwaso Orders Secret Investigation of Publisher [Secret Memo Included]

Governor of Kano State, Rabi'u Musa Kwankwaso
Governor of Kano State, Rabi’u Musa Kwankwaso

Desperation may have laid a cantankerous siege over the executive administrator of the Kano State Government, Malam Musa Rabiu Kwankwaso, threatening to render the ability of the governor’s office to function in tatters. Information recently made available to through competent sources within the governor’s office reveal that the governor of Kano State, Rabiu Kwankwaso launched a secret investigation against one of the publishers of, Ikenna Ellis Ezenekwe, following a recent news report published by the online investigative newspaper – that exposed the intake of illicit drugs for the first son of the Governor and by the Governor, himself.

Shortly following the publication of the news report – Trouble in Kwankwaso’s home, Son beats Mother to pulp; the publishers of were inundated with telephone calls from many of the cabinet members of the Kano State Exco. In particular, the honorable commissioner for information, Prof Farouk made four telephone calls that were filled with angry words and odorized tantrums. It took the fifth telephone call for the honorable commissioner to relay to the publishers of that the governor was unhappy with the publication – and believes a line has been crossed – and that the governor instructed him to inform – that the Governor intends to sue the publisher in court to substantiate the published report.

Through this effect, the governor called for a closed door meeting with a few of his close aides. The meeting was convened to discuss how to handle At the end of the meeting, the Senior Special Assistant on Administration [SSAA] was tasked with conducting a background check on the website and on the publisher – and to recommend on best available solution to ‘dealing’ with The SSAA was to consider the possibility of a lawsuit.

Two days following the meeting, the SSAA responded with a secret memorandum dated May 20, 2013 referenced SSA/ADM/IM/01 titled “Memo on defamation on the internet” and addressed to the Governor of Kano State, Rabi’u Musa Kwankwaso.

The secret memorandum is shown below in two pages.

Summarily, the memo depicted the publisher of as a fraudster and blackmailer while recommending to the Governor not to consider going to court because it may not be the best solution to diverting’s searchlight. The SSAA cited possible backlash of bad publicity towards the governor as one of the likely outcomes of the lawsuit.

In the words of the memo, “Defensive manipulation provides a practical, affordable solution to the problem of internet defamation. This method involves removing defamatory webpages from public site. The method is popular among public servants, celebrities and individuals who want to maintain good reputation on the internet but who do not wish to take the risk of further fueling the defamation against them by taking legal action.

The memo went on to recommend that the governor should make some monies available for the setting up of a parallel web newspaper that would counter the web presence of through a manipulated optimization of search engines. The SSAA called for the of hiring five [5] social media aide to help in the task.

Page 1 of Memo to Governor Kwankwaso
Page 1 of Memo to Governor Kwankwaso
Page 2 of Memo to Governor Kwankwaso
Page 2 of Memo to Governor Kwankwaso

Also sources in Kano state government revealed to agents in Kano to be cautious of their movement. According to the sources, handlers of Kwankwaso are known to be deadly when responding to critics of their master.


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  1. Make sure you check your data, before publishing it. Journalists of these days like sensational affairs, more than the true situation on ground. I hope the government also, should try to adjust and be just, in all of its dealings.

  2. I wonder why people of now adays clearly reject the truth,what was said about Kwankwaso and drugs dealing is true. Each and every citizen of Kano State know that Kwankwaso takes drug. And even some of his cabinet members are all drug addicts,why creating havoc. He will not try and expose you but rather he will expose the true color of his nature.

  3. It is a known fact that our number one plus many of his cabinet members in Kano are difodilated drug addicts. Just listen when they talk-they talk irresponsibly arrogant, they can’t command or lead any religious session due to how they found themselves for long- learnt under the 3 Rs with no religion in mind. We are Kano indigines living in kano, how would cover what you made bare by yourself- Mr. number one?

  4. When sun rises palm of hand can’t stop it this media practising it right of freedom of speech as a nigerian citizen. Why someone want to denied people their right. I can remember they sponsored a program called anyi walkiya which will always tells the bad side of the former administration,and nobody take any action on them,why them now are not compotable with little crisitism. God forbid

  5. Mohammed, What are they ‘adjusting to be just’ ,if what they write is sensationalism. I think it should be a point of our maturity when we accept that for every report in the media, someone gets happy, another sad and another indifferent.. I f any on of these meets our citizens, particularly the public officers,they should bear it by thinking of the ones that make them happy.

    Rather than get negative, I would have advised Kwankwaso to rebuke his son publicly and invite men of NDLEA to help him. That is what we saw in South Africa when Nelson Mandela had to divorce his wife, because the facts on ground were too grievous to defend or cover up.

    All these talk about palliatives so to say is coming from aides who do not find the courage to tell their principal the truth.


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