“Buhari furnish the justifications of Boko Haram’s gruesome murder & who the dog and baboon are”

General Buhari
General Buhari


Rising from a crucial meeting of the Oporoza House held on Tuesday 21st May, 2013 the House took a cursory and critical look at various national issues and resolved as follows;

1) The meeting thanked the ethnic nationalities of Nigeria for the support given Mr. President in the implementation of his policies and transformational agenda.

2) The body aligns itself with the ideals and outcome of the Southern Nigeria Peoples Assembly and joined in thanking Mr. President for ensuring a united and peaceful co-existence of her people. The body further calls for the formation and participation of Women and Youth wings of all other ethnic Nationalities of Nigeria.

3) The meeting also commends the South-South and South-East Governors meeting held recently at Asaba and aligns with the meetings resolves and applauds them for their germane resolutions and joins them in calling on the federal government to address the myriad of developmental needs of the geo-political zones that he is constitutionally obliged to protect.

4) We commiserate with the families in particular and Nigerians in general who lost their loved ones and colleagues in the cult activities in Nasarawa State as well as the Baga incidents.

The house urges Mr. President to continue with upholding the unity and oneness of this great Nation especially the lives and property of her people.

5) The House frowns at the unbecoming behavior and uncultured utterances of  a former Military Head of State, General Mohammadu Buhari, who seized power by an act of Coup de tat; statements such as “2015 will be bloody … “ the dog and the baboon would all be soaked in blood”. The House worries about the state of his mind if he would liken the struggle of the Niger Delta people with the acts of Terrorism by Boko Haram sect.

6) The House implored General Mohammadu Buhari, to furnish the people of Nigeria with the justifications of the Boko Haram’s gruesome murder of innocent Nigerian and who the dog and baboon are?

In conclusion, members of Oporoza House and the Niger will never trade words tackles with people that made it their stock in trade to vituperate and make vitriolic statements; rather we call for the bonding of our people and the protection of our Nation state.



1.    Jonjon Oweifie E

2.    Ubebe Felix

3.    Chief (Dr.) Chris Ekiyor

4.    Chief David Pere

5.    Elfreda Olungwe

6.    Chief Opaks Harry

7.    Oshonwoh Ebiarede

8.    Saibakuma E. Ahmed

9.    Johnbull E. Cleopas

10.           Piniki Azaiye

11.           Kingsley Otuaro

12.           B.B. Ebikeme

13.           Alali Horsfall

14.           Alfred Egbegi

15.           Ghomorai Presidor

16.           King T.E Amaran

17.           Ebinimi D Kuko

18.           Robinson T. Uropa

19.           Smart Asekutu .O.

20.           Golden Tamuno

21.           Kalada Wilson

22.           Marshal Kunoun

23.           Welaman Wami

24.           Ajube Bibopre (Chief)

25.           Chief Dan Ekpebide

26.           Dokubo Hilda

27.           Kime Engozu

28.           Ken Orubebe

29.           Amba Benaebi

30.           Chief O.I.K.D. Amachree

31.           Ogoriba Timi Kaiser Wilhelm




  1. The people of South-East should ask their state governors who are busy forming all manners of faceless groups and unholy alliances with their counterparts in the South-South, to revisit the issue of abandoned properties in the old Rivers State. Unless that issue is resolved, it will be difficult to convince the masses of Ndigbo that anybody from the other side is their brother,sister or friend. Again,all these gang ups by political jobbers aimed at boosting the electoral values of failed political leaders, will not take anybody anywhere. Nigerian masses have become wiser. Come 2015, election riggers will meet their water loo, especially in the South-East.


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