Impeaching Amaechi Won’t Guarantee Jonathan’s Re-Election – Esogban Of Benin



BENIN — The Esogban of Benin Kingdom and chairman of Benin Forum, Chief David Edebiri, yesterday, said that impeaching Governor Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers State, will not guarantee a second term ticket for President Goodluck Jonathan.

He urged the President to give the people the dividends of democracy by ensuring steady power, industrialisation and tackle security challenges, rather than fight political battles with governors over 2015 presidential election.

Speaking to Vanguard,  the elder statesman, who disagreed with the assertion by President Jonathan that his administration had performed creditably well, said: “I am not totally in agreement that democracy is already here in Nigeria.

We are working towards achieving true democracy but it has really not come. A typical example of that is the current issue of the election of Nigeria Governors Forum, where 35 people met to elect one man and the aftermath now is a disputation as to what happened and what did not happen.

“I think if the President wants to come back as President, he does not need all the current rigmarole that is going on. Let him give the Nigerians good governance. Let him make Nigeria one of the countries of the world where electricity is constant.”

Source: Vanguard



  1. Why is everyone blaming the President? Babangida ruled for 8 years; Obasanjo ruled as military Head of State and came back for 8 years as a civilian President and they didn’t get the kind manifested bitterness by their subjects. Jonathan is just there from 2010 – 2013 and everybody expects a magic.

    I am not President Jonathan’s fan but let’s listen to ourselves and realize that we are being fair to the man. Nobody believes in him; nobody takes him serious; how can we all always abusing our President. Everyday, we are saying something against the person of the President. Pls, It’s not good for his psyche; let’s try and show the President a little love


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