Boko Haram Strikes Church in Adamawa, 10 killed

Tears from Jos Crisis
Tears from Jos Crisis


Jihad inspired violence by members of the Islamic terrorist group the Boko Haram appears to be unrelenting in their propensity to continue to strike the many corners of northern Nigeria. Information reaching indicates that the Jihadist group may have struck again. This time the gunmen struck at the north eastern state of Adamawa.

According to the developing information, unknown gunmen believed to be members of a Jihadist group launched an attack at a popular market place near a Church. An estimated number of people dead were pegged at about 10. Several others were also injured during the attack. The attack occurred at about 4pm.

The police spokesman, Ibrahim Mohammed in talking to the media after the attack confirmed that the attackers had the traits of a Jihadists group. He added also that the gunmen were believes to have fled into mountains and across to Cameroon.

Meanwhile, new information indicates that Boko Haram beheaded two Islamic clerics, and two others in Ngamdu, about 90 miles from Maiduguri, Borno State, the headquarters of the terrorist group.

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  1. Who today hears of Al Qeida the way it used to be heard prior to May 1, 2011? The terror group has either gone underground, for ever, for its own good or has been shoved to the state of qietence By USA’s President Obama. This is how to deal with a terrrorist group. President Jonathan must use his gross inablity to adequately deal with Boko Haram as a barometer to assess his competence, or lack thereof, as President. Thus far, and from every indication, he has failed very miserably and I would add, woefully, in that regard.
    Mike C. Okereke


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