Sambo’s Power Tussle Ruins Kaduna State University Convocation


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The battle for the heart of the political capital of northern Nigeria, Kaduna State appears to be turning new surprise corners in the State. This is as information reaching indicates that the battle for political control by the Vice President of Nigeria, Architect Namadi Sambo – of his home State, Kaduna may have begun exhibiting signs of desperation on the part of the Vice President – as he prepares broad power consolidation against a probable presidential run in 2015 under the banner of the People Democratic Party [PDP].

The latest exhibition of political desperation played out today at the Kaduna State University – first convocation ceremony.

The University which was established in 2004 by the then governor of Kaduna, Moh’d Makarfi – held its first graduation convocation today’s morning [March 16, 2013]. The ceremony saw the attendance of the Vice President of Nigeria, Namadi Sambo, the one time governor of Kaduna, Senator Moh’d Makarfi, the governor of Kaduna, Yero – along with other dignitaries. The Vice President was slated to address the event along with Senator Makarfi – as the special invited guests at the convocation – largely due to the peculiar roles the two individuals played in the development of the institution.

But in a move deemed genius and at same time dubious, the Vice President rose as the main speaker at the event to tell the organizer of the event that he will not speak or address the event. This, he made clear during the convocation. As gathered, the Vice President’s refusal to speak will also deny Senator Makarfi a speaking opportunity at the event.

Informed participants at the event, including some of the lecturers at the institution told that when the institution was set up in 2004 under the Makarfi administration – the development of the institution for accreditation by the National University Commission [NUC] was in progress – until the administration of Sambo arrived. The Sambo administration was reported to have abandoned the university project. The abandoned infrastructures were further damaged by environmental degradation – until the arrival the late governor, Patrick Yokowa and his deputy, Yero. The duo launched a broad campaign for the aggressive revamp of the institution. The school, under late Yakowa’s watch saw the accreditation of the school and its many programs – except Mathematics. The Yakowa revamp of the institution took less than two years.

So politically, it became apparent for the Vice President [at the convocation event] that he was not to allow the Senator a speaking opportunity – to highlight the accomplishments of an administration that wasn’t Sambo – especially since the institution was the brain child of the Senator.  And knowing that as protocol demands, if the Vice President refuses to speak – the Senator will not speak.

With the refusal of the Vice President to speak, the Vice Chancellor, Prof William B. Qurix, was forced to bring the event to an abrupt end by announcing to the graduating students that the convocation “has come to a close“. The announcement immediately brought annoyance to the attendees of the event. The Senator was visibly annoyed – but refused to address the Press on the event that unfolded.

The graduating students did not take the VP’s actions or refusing to speak lightly.

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  1. Your reporter erred. This report was misleading. The truth of the was that Sen Makarfi established the school but abandon its devt. This led to the resignation of the then VC. The rapid devt started between 2007-2010 when sambo was the governor.When Yakowa becomes the Governor, he revive the Kafanchan campus. For someone to say Sambo has not done anything to the Umiversity its a lie. We should not allow bad publicity to kill our only University while others are developing theirs.


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