No Cholera Outbreak In Kula Kingdom, Says Akuku-Tolu Council Chairman



Chairman of Akuku-Toru LG council in rivers state Theodore Georgewill has denied the reports of cholera outbreak killing about seven children in Kula Kingdom. The report was spread on various newswire on the internet.

Theodore Georgewill confirmed that the report is untrue and misleading, “i was called this morning and was told that there is an outbreak of cholera in Kula and immediately I called the health officer there who confirmed that it is not true. I went further to call the C.D.C and same the same negative response from them also. I spoke to my supervisor for health, asking him to investigate and know where the information is coming from; he got back to me and said the information is correct. I’m surprised at where people got that information from. I believe strongly that for you to raise an alarm like that there must be a confirmed source before it is published or aired. Unfortunately that was not done and the news just circulated and everyone in the community is now panicking”, he said.

The council boss also confirmed that although Kula Kingdom once had a report of cholera outbreak which killed one person in August 2012, the issue was tackled adding that this would have led to the misinformation.

“However, there has been an incident of that case in recent time past, around August or September last year in Kula Kingdom but the local government in conjunction with the State government have addressed the situation properly. As I speak to you now, we just concluded a plan to build a water treatment in Kula which will kick off next week. All these are palliative measures aimed at making sure such event don’t occur again”, he said.

Georgewill also revealed that the water treatment project will spread to other neighboring towns in Akuk-Toru local government areas to ensure that portable water is provided to all the communities to prevent a fresh outbreak or re-occurrence.

On whether the wrong information is a way of tagging his administration as incompetent, the council boss replied;”I don’t want to say its people using it to play politics in terms of wanting to bring Akuku-Toru into a bad light, or say that government is not doing anything. I don’t want to believe that. i just want to believe that the previous information on the outbreak last year was told in a different light and someone is thinking that it is recent.”, he concluded.

Meanwhile, the Rivers State Primary health board has also issued a report that the report of the cholera outbreak is not correct and unfound. In a statement signed by the executive secretary of the board, Mrs. Claribel Abam said the report should be discarded. She said an assessment team has been sent to all the local government areas in rivers state to ensure zero tolerance to cholera outbreak.



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