Recruitment scandal hits SSS; Senate President David Mark implicated



Nigeria’s secret police, the Department of State Service or State Security Services (SSS) has been hit by a recruitment scandal involving the violation of the principle of federal character.

Senate President David Mark is also implicated in the sordid affair.

Impeccable sources close to the SSS told News Express that during the last recruitment exercise embarked upon by the Service “David Mark alone sent in over 40 names of his kinsmen in clear and flagrant violation of the Federal Character principle.”

The sources alleged that “there were supposed to have been 155 cadets but federal character violators like the senate president increased the number to well above 300.”

The cadets are undergoing training at Ojo Barracks in Lagos, South-West Nigeria. The training, which began their around July last year, is scheduled to last for a year.

The manner in which the cadets were selected reflects the new but illegal practice of top Nigerian government officials sharing vacancies among themselves while more qualified candidates who have no godfathers roam the streets in search of non-existent jobs.

“Why is Mallam Abba Moro, the Minister of Interior, not screaming Federal Character violation?” asked a source who spoke on the condition of anonymity. “He sacked erstwhile Comptroller-General of Immigration, Mrs. Rose Uzoma, over a similar offence while he has remained mute over the scandal at the SSS, a department which his ministry also supervises,” the source observed.

Contacted by News Express, Marylin Ogar, Assistant Director, Public Relations, at the SSS, said: “I cannot respond to security issues over the phone. You have to come to our office and fill a form. You have to sit in front of me and ask your questions so that I’ll be sure I am talking to a journalist.”

Informed that News Express had earlier sent her a mail and requested her response through the same channel, Ogar cut the line after saying: “I cannot do that! Good day and God bless you.”

Contacted by News Express, Kola Ologbondiyan, Special Adviser on Media to Mark, replied: “Kindly scan the list and forward to me so that I confirm the letterhead and signature. Tanx.”

Source: News Express



  1. This publication as it concerns the President of the Senate, Senator David Mark, is puerile. It is unfortunate that people can resort to outlandish fabrication in the name of on-line publishing. Issac Umunna called my line this morning to raise allegation that President of the Senate, Senator David Mark, submitted the names of 30 candidates to be employed by the State Secuty Services. I requested that Umunna should kindly scan the list and forward to my box to enable me check the features of the letter head as well as the signature. That was to enable me make my own checks though I knew his story was a ruse. Umunna threatened that he would use my request as a reaction. It is painful that a noble profession which thrives on facts is being reduced to jankara all in the name of citizen journalism. This story (or fabrication) is a wicked lie because Senator Mark has no 30 ( it has increased to 40) cadets in any SSS training school. I therefore challenge Umunna and his co-travelers to make the kist public.

  2. This can’t be true, the sss is a reputable org with dynamic and a trustworthy leadership, this can never be true, repoters should always confirm their report before running to de press..Dnt try to sell with fabricated news headline, it doesnt help in the unity of the country which u have a major role to play. The sss i no can never and will never indulge in such an act

  3. This seem to me like a vendetta sponsored by ‘somebody’ judging from the fact that it was linked to the immigration scandal…all in a bid to do what? i dont believe a tittle or jot of this story! Nigerian press need to wake up to the implications of frivolous meaningless publications.

  4. Though, I am not privy to the list of those recruited, I know very well that sss has always insist on merit. I have a friend there who was a classmate in university. The guy got the job not knowing anybody. I think the report is misrepresenting especially with the author referring to the minister of interior on the immigration issue as if sss was under the ministry. For clarity, sss is under presidency and not one that is under any pressure from any arm of govt. Please, we should not distract the agency from the good job they are doing in fight against terrorism

  5. In as much as am not a fan of either d sss or any politician..i expected this reporter to base his/her news on facts rather than mere speculative journalism..whoever told the originator of this article that the sss has 155 cadet vacancies?does the originator of this article know the definition of federal character?did it ever occur to the originator that David Mark has friends all over the country?and if his wild allegations are anything to go by,has he credible evidence of the state of origin of the individuals in question..I suggest this originator shld just shut his trap..

  6. I wonder what the originator of these scandalous accusation stand to gain. I have no problem with investigative journalism, what I do have problem with is feeding the populis with scam. the sss is a reputable organisation and have been living up to expectation in her responsibilities. lay credible facts on the table when next you want to publish any news.

  7. In a country where journalists can print or publish any rubbish and get away with it, what else do you expect?

    I think it is time erring journalists are brought to book. Period.


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