NBC Closes Down Wazobia FM Kano



Broadcasting license of the Wazobia FM in Kano State North West Nigeria has been revoked with immediate effect.

According a source working with the station in Kano, at about 4:45PM on Friday they received a circular from the Nigerian broadcasting commission banning all broadcasting operation of the station in Kano.

“Although NBC has not given us any reason for revoking our license but am sure this may not be unconnected with the recent controversy regarding our Hausa programme Sandar Girma which was said to have incited the killing of nine female health workers in the state.”

All effort to get in touch with the representatives of NBC in Kano was not successful, however all broadcasting operations in Wazobia FM has been interrupted.

The newly established station came with a critical analysis of political activities in the politically sensitive Kano state which many politicians especially the ruling class frown at.

Source: Channels



  1. No public connected institution should be closed down without stating the reasons in advance. This is high-handedness that can be likened to INEC’s decision to ban 28 political parties without stating the reasons,only to publish reasons later. That decision is being tolerated by the political class now, because the ‘wrong’ party is yet to be banned. When it is too late, they will try to solve today’s problem tomorrow, with expected difficulty

  2. Wazobia knew it would be closed down since its broadcast had led to the murder of 9 polio workers. There’s nothing like high-handedness in this case. The closure rather came very late!

  3. Pls! Pls! Nd pls!,whatsoever that led to the banning of the wazobia station should be quickly resolved,the radio sation has been one of the best nd if not the best in kano,everyone enjoys their programmes.the government should pls do something to give them their licence again.


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