Finally, Amansea gets potable water

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Joy and ecstasy pervaded the air at the weekend at Amansea, the border town of Anambra with Enugu State, currently in the news for morbid tales as Hydraulic engineers and contractors who two weeks ago commenced exploration for clean water in Amansea town, struck clean water which scaled purity test in one go at approximately 300 feet depth.
The water samples wrer subjected to tests ,which it scaled at first instance.
The feat achieved courtesy of the millennium development Goal programme originally to be implemented in April 2013, at the instance of Senator Chris Ngige was fast-tracked because of the discovery of over 50 floating corpses in the Ezu River bodies recently beset by floating bodies in the Ezu River which automatically removed their source of drinking water.
The Borehole is sited at Amaowelle Village Square about 200 metres from the South West bank of the Ezu River. Amaowele the riverrine village which is one in five villages of the border town, under Awka North local government Arae of the state.
Senator Chris Ngige, himself a medical Doctor had on January 24, 2013, on a constituency visit to the scene of the disaster advised the community to desist from drinking from the Ezu River,owing to the shocking discovery adding that ‘And you will never drink from that river again, because we shall ensure that you have potable water’.
Ngigetherefore promised them that they would get alternative drinking water through a motorised borehole as a amtter of emergency. That promised gained full realisation at the weekend in the form of a water facility with 100,00 litre strorage capacity tank under consturctuion and a 24-solar enrgy power, with NEPA as a standby source of power’
While breaking the ground for the sceme on Tuesday last week, the  Senator Ngige made an additional donation of a 500 KVA tarsformer with all accessories  which he described as ‘standby ‘ for the water.
Siad he at the occasion: ‘ We decided to use solar energy because each day the sun comes out ,all of you will be sure to get your water ,instead of looking for diesel, fuels and mechanics all over the place.’
The mini-water works which comprises chambers for solar inverters and the technical back-up included a two year programme of training for the community- selected management team who will run the facility when the installing technical personnel would.
Igwe Kenneth Okonkwo who was alerted on Friday when Ngige literally sneaked in when the news of the water broke, to see things first –hand thanked Ngige for living true t o his name and reminding them of ‘the Ngige my community used and know and still wish to know’
Amansea town is part and parcel of the Awka Capital Territory.


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