Boko Haram Opens Fire in Kano, Kill 6



The northern state of Kano in Nigeria appears reeling from a non-stop attack from the Jihadists who have taken Kano has their major attack hub. Information available to indicate that six [6] non-indigenes of Kano State lost their lives on the late evening of Tuesday February 19, 2013 when unknown gunmen in Jihadists manner launched a surprise attack at a local restaurant located at Naibawa – near the entry point into Kano State.

According to information gathered from residents of Naibawa, the attacked came as a surprise – as many within the community believed the Jihadists group had declared a cease fire and had denounced further violence.

On the evening of Tuesday February 19, 2013, a popular restaurant whose owner [a lady of South Eastern descent] had also open her doors to the local merchants who typically arrive Kano State through Naibawa as a popular entry point – where they offload their goods to local merchants. The offloading area had since become an economically viable community – popularized by fruit merchants who sell a variety of fruits – and local eateries that cater to the inter-state and local merchants.

The majority of the merchants, as a result, has become non-indigenes, particularly Christians.  But the wider community of Naibawa is dominated by Muslims and Kano Indigenes.

On the evening of the attack, two motorcycles pulled up to the restaurant with four young men dressed in long kaftans [light blue] armed with two AK47s – they opened fire into the restaurant shooting indiscriminately into the restaurant. According to an eyewitness, the shooting was not targeted at any particular individual inside the restaurant. “The shooting lasted about 8 to 10minutes before they drove away“, said one of the residents who claimed to have witnessed the shooting. He continued to add that scores of customers were seated inside the restaurant – comprising mainly of non indigenes of Kano residing in the area.

As the shooting incident cleared, many sustained gunshot injuries while six individuals died on the spot – including an Ozubulu indigene [middle aged man], a Kogi State man, two Yoruba men, and two other persons who’s identity were not disclosed.

The police in Kano – who confirmed the shooting incident did not disclose the number of casualties suffered in the attack. They indicated that unknown gunmen had attacked a restaurant at Naibawa. They also added that the motives were not clear.

But cursory investigations performed by revealed a disturbing trend in the fight against Jihadists inspired violence in Kano has begun to hold. The operatives of the Joint Task Force stationed in Kano in tandem with the State government of Kano – have launched an effort to suppress the amount of media coverage given to Jihadist inspired violence. To this effect, the two entities have begun the sharing of money to local reporters – not to report the violent incidents – or accord it undue coverage. This was confirmed by a reporter resident in Kano – who went on to add that most reporters in Kano who are non indigenes are afraid to go into the cities for news coverage. “Sometimes the Kwankwaso media people harass us” whenever a report is published about Jihadist attacks in Kano.

Meanwhile, the Ohaneze top boss in Kano, Chief Tobia Idika has called on the watchers of history to observe what appears to be history repeating itself. “This is just like 1966 when Igbo were being slaughtered in Kano and nothing was done. It lead to war”, said the Ohaneze top boss who decried the demeanor of the President of the Federal Government, Dr. Goodluck Ebelemi Jonathan towards the continued massacre of non Kano indigenes and non Muslims. “We are tired”, he said. “The state governor has shown himself to be a tribalist hater who dashes away million when Kano indigenes are harmed – and a measly N200,000 when non indigenes are harmed in Jihadist attacks“. He made the point that more security is needed if non indigenes are to continued in the believe that Nigeria remains one for all.

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  1. 247,why always kano?Why always negetive against kano state and its people.What you are doing is against the ethics of jounalism 90% of the people killed in kano are the indegenes of kano,but becouse of your sentiment you failed to include all this in your foolish report.Again you talked about trialism tell me how many kano people are their in igbo land doing business?The number is very little nd how many igbos are given opportunity to do their business freely without any discrimination.And yet you are talking about tribalism,this is madness nd it shows that you don’t know what journalism is all about.Mind your self 247,enough is enough!!!

  2. But its a big lie to say only the non-indigine are killed in kano,if by accident a non-indigen is killed thats another issue,what about the attempt to kill the Emir of Kano? Is there any non-indigen of Kano involved?what about the thousands that have been killed who are innocent hausas and fulanis? What about the senior police officer who have recently been killed,is he also a non-ingine of Kano? That killing of non-indigine iam sure was conducted by non-indigine to ignite fire and war the Igbos have being claimoring to come. Lets leave Kano if you feel its not safe any more. Stop acussing the governor because he did not order any killing.


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